(Clearwisdom.net) While the Chinese People's Congress was in session on March 5, 2002, Changchun City cable network aired a 40-50 minute Falun Gong truth clarification program. The Falun Gong practitioners who participated in this activity will be known to history as model citizens who upheld the constitution of the country.

The constitution is the fundamental law of a nation. As such, it is the foundation of a nation and is therefore sacred and inviolable. It follows, then, that interfering with the constitution damages the foundation of the nation, which is a most vicious crime. It is only natural, then, that people have the right and duty to safeguard the constitution and stop the crime, with all possible means at their disposal.

The Chinese constitution says that its citizens have freedom of belief; however, the Jiang regime uses terrorist policies such as "ruin their reputation, destroy them financially and eliminate them physically," and "killing of Falun Gong practitioners is nothing and should be counted as suicide." As of now, at least 375 kind-hearted people who refused to give up their faith have died from countless abuses, and many of them were brutally tortured to death. Other than this bloody fact, hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners were and are illegally detained in forced labor camps and jails where they were ravaged. Countless other practitioners were and are still being kidnapped into brainwashing classes, where they are forced to vow to abandon their faith against their free will. The Falun Gong practitioners were and still are completely deprived of their freedom of belief.

The Chinese constitution says its citizens have freedom of speech, but the ruling regime uses its mouthpiece media to wantonly slander Falun Gong, while it forbids Falun Gong practitioners to speak out. Therefore, the practitioners have to resort to posting flyers, hanging banners, distributing video and compact discs and other peaceful means to exercise their freedom of speech, and at the same time save people from being deluded by lies. However, these extremely peaceful Falun Gong people have been kidnapped, brutally beaten and even killed by lawless police and "610 Office" [Note: The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary system] personnel, under orders of and abetted by Jiang and his accomplices. The practitioners are completely deprived of their freedom of speech and other citizens are completely deprived of their right to know the truth.

In this situation, practitioners in Changchun City and people with a sense of justice used the TV network to clarify the truth to people. This is an act that upholds freedom of belief and speech, which is also safeguarding the constitution. This great feat will be remembered in the history of China.

The truth-clarifying video exposed the lies that Jiang's regime has propagated in its indoctrination of the people for the past two years. This broadcast tore off their mask and showed the true face of the terrorist persecution. You can imagine how frightened those who use lies and violence to sustain their power are now.

Because of his utter fear, the evil dictator again wants to make use of his so-called laws to persecute these guardians of justice who upheld the constitution. It was learned that Jiang's regime has ordered personnel from various "610 Offices" to make up a list of names for those Falun Dafa practitioners destined for execution and heavy jail sentences. It's not hard to see that the law of "the man in Beijing" is no different from those laws in history that were made especially for the ethnic cleansing of other people. It is the same as Stalin's law that was used to eliminate his political enemies and dissidents. These "laws" are all outside the law. The so-called "610 Office" is just another version of the KGB in China. Jiang's so-called law is a sword hanging above people's heads. The true laws of the nation are never applied to Falun Gong practitioners.

Maybe someone will say, "Isn't it illegal to use a TV channel to express your own opinion without permission? You can't even do this in the U.S. where there is freedom of speech and autonomy." And yet, I would like to ask, "Does the president of the U.S. deprive any of his citizens of freedom of belief? Does he use all TV and newspapers to slander a certain spiritual belief? Does he use the law to persecute any citizen through his control of the House of Representatives? Does he instruct the courts to send any innocent citizen to jail? Suppose Christians in the U.S. were suffering from the same kind of persecution the Falun Gong practitioners have suffered--wouldn't they have used all peaceful means to protest?"

I have also read an article in a Chinese newspaper that says, "The Chinese government doesn't allow the practice and promotion of Falun Gong, so this rule must be for the benefit of the people, just like when the U.S. government rules that people have to go through tedious security checks in airports. So we should obey the government." This statement is really ridiculous. The current Chinese government is under complete control of a dictator who was not chosen by the people. The so-called government's rule is his rule alone. The phrase, "So it must be for the benefit of the people" is basically wrong from the start. I would like to ask this person, if someone keeps and manages all of your property by force, would you call this person's intervention for your own good, no matter what he does? Obviously you wouldn't. Then, if a government wants to control everything, how can you claim that it's doing so 'for the good of the people?'"

Indeed, the U.S. government also makes some rules, but American citizens always closely scrutinize their government. The president doesn't have the power to make any law, nor does he have the power to influence the courts. The American people and media constantly monitor and restrain the president, the House and Senate and the courts, to ensure that the government does not violate its citizens' rights. The government is not allowed to have its own media. But in China? In China, the dictator completely controls the government and the machinery of state violence; the media is the dictator's mouthpiece and it serves the dictator's sole purpose of defending and slandering. The so-called "most powerful law-making institute," the People's Congress, merely rubber-stamps the dictator's edicts. The courts absolutely cannot decide any cases on their own. The Politics and Law Committee decides the innocence or guilt of an accused, as well as that person's length of punishment; it is all controlled by the dictator. Under such circumstances, how can the government serve for the benefit of the people?

In China right now, the ones who victimize people and sell out their country have high official positions. The people who speak the truth and support justice are being murdered. The dictator and his minions are allowed to kill, but the victims are not allowed to speak. Jiang, who rampantly tramples the constitution and engages in national terrorism, is now trying to justify the murder of the guardians of justice through invoking the so-called rule of law against the very people who have upheld the constitution and helped the nation.