I am a seven-year-old Dafa disciple. I felt really good after learning Falun Dafa with my mom and I liked it very much. The parts that I enjoy most are the children's class and Hong Fa (introducing Dafa to the public) activities. I always attend the children's class on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings in order to participate in Fa study and practice. Often, my mom would ask me to send forth righteous thoughts at home. In the beginning I did not enjoy doing it because I must fight against many strange-looking demon creatures whenever I send forth righteous thoughts. Though Dafa gives me abundant divine power so that I can eradicate the evil beings, there were some powerful beings that kept coming back even after I had purged them. It was really annoying. Sometimes I felt lazy and did not want to send forth righteous thoughts, but mom kept reminding me of the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts. She told me I must send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate all evil with diligence, never allowing the evil to exploit our weakness. Now I send forth righteous thoughts with mom every evening at 9 o'clock.

There was a second grade girl in my American English class who was very mean to me. She scolded me often. There was another older boy who also bullied and humiliated me. But I never lost my temper when they did not treat me nicely. Sometimes I would tell my mom when I felt bad. Mom would often tell me to find out what I might have done wrong from within myself. Otherwise I must have owed them from my previous life. It did not matter if they slandered or hit me, I should even thank them. They laughed at me. I endured it all because I kept in my heart Teacher's words "Never take revenge when we are hit, never curse back when we are slandered."

For a while I suffered from otitis media (middle ear infection). I was never afraid of the pain since I knew Teacher was helping me to purify my body layer after layer. Now I no longer have the symptoms anymore. I am very grateful to Teacher. I told Mom I love Teacher the most in this world because he is so kind.

I visit the Falun World each day to study the Fa and to practice. Teacher mentioned that we have fallen down and down and down from a very high realm. I must diligently cultivate my Xinxing; study the Fa, and really achieve Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance in order to return to my original home.

In the kindergarten I would always tell my little friends that Falun Gong is good, Jiang Zemin is very bad and he will end up in hell because of his persecution of Falun Dafa. They all agreed. They knew practicing Falun Gong would make them healthy and Falun Gong also taught us how to be good persons. My little friends told me that I had improved and was nicer than before. The teacher in my class also commented that I seemed to be more mature than other children of the same age. I know that Teacher is watching over me so of course I must never do anything improper. We must be really good kids; only then can we be considered as good and true little disciples of Falun Dafa.