The Yanbianxin County Detention Center in Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province is the most vicious place of its kind in the region. The following list is a portion of the persecution cases in the detention center.

  1. Wu Mingshan, male, from Hunan Province, is a retired army veteran in his forties. Because he produced truth-clarification materials, he was ruthlessly beaten and tortured at the Yanbianxin County Detention Center. During the day the police handcuffed him to a pole in the scorching sun. At night he was thrown outside to suffer from extreme frost and hunger. His current situation is unknown.
  2. Wu Min, female, is an office worker in her thirties. Because she upheld her faith and went to Beijing to clarify the truth to the people of the world, Wu Min was hung up and beaten at the Yanbianxin Detention Center. Using the "carrying a sword on the back" method [Where the practitioner's hands are tied behind the back with one hand over the shoulder and the other hand against the lower back. The police apply a great deal of force to pull the two hands toward one another], the police tortured her for two days and two nights until she lost consciousness. Her present state is unknown.
  3. Yan Baoping, female. Because she defended her faith, her entire body was bruised and scarred by the malicious police at the Yanbianxin Detention Center. Yan passed out twice. Her current situation is still unknown.
  4. Yuan Yuxian, female, is twenty-six. Because she went to Beijing to appeal, to clarify the truth, and to spread truth-clarification literature to people, she was brutally beaten by policemen from the Yanbianxin Detention Center. She was beaten to the point where she was bleeding profusely. Yuan endured various torture methods. She was hung up in midair and beaten on her feet with a triangular rod. When the handcuffs slipped she dropped onto the floor, causing her to become deaf in one ear and her mouth and nose to bleed. In early 2001, the police secretly sent Yuan to the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp. To this day, she still hasn't returned. Policewoman Qi Li from the city police department said to her, "Jiang is the law," and "When I beat you to death, I'll pour gasoline over you and turn it into a self-immolation scandal."
  5. Mao Linfang, female, is about sixty years old. Being determined in her cultivation, Mao went to Beijing to appeal and to spread truth-clarification materials. As a result, the villains at the Yanbianxin Detention Center punched and kicked her relentlessly. Presently, Mao has been illegally held at the Wanyaoshu Detention Center in Panzhihua City for almost two years.
  6. Jiang Xianying, female, about sixty years old. Because Jiang went to appeal in Beijing, and to maintain her cultivation and clarify the truth to people, she was illegally held in the Yanbianxin Detention Center, where she suffered numerous forms of torture. Her body was bruised and her mouth and nose were bleeding.
  7. Huang Shirong, female, fifty years old. Huang was determined in cultivation and often distributed truth-clarifying literature. On the afternoon of November 27, 2001, policeman Zhang Huji and several others from the East Region Police Station forcefully ransacked Huang's home. They seized 12 hand-copied Falun Dafa books and then illegally detained her for more than 15 days. Afterwards, she was transferred to the Yanbianxin Detention Center where she met the East Region policemen, Zhou Lin, male and Tian Ping, female. In the detention center, she was tortured, physically abused, hung up, and then beaten. Policewoman Tian Ping said, "Let's see which is more effective: your Falun Gong or our beating skills!" Currently, Huang is still being unlawfully kept at the Wanyaoshu Detention Center in Panzhihua City.
  8. Xu Tianfu, male, is a farmer in his sixties. He is a polite, white-haired elderly man from Miyi County. Because he went to Beijing several times to appeal and to faithfully cultivate, he was illegally detained at the Xinhua Forced Labor Camp in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. Due to the intense persecution, however, he was fooled by the evil and cooperated with them. He was released when his term expired in December of 2001. Afterwards he realized his mistake and while distributing truth-clarification materials, he was kidnapped by the police again. After being transferred to the Yanbianxin Detention Center, he was hung up and tortured for seven to eight days. Afterwards, he was unlawfully detained for five months. Presently, he is being detained in the Wanyaoshu Detention Center, where he is suffering from cruel torture.
  9. Xu Bin, male, thirty years old. Because he walked to Beijing to appeal several times, and because he steadfastly cultivated and clarified the truth to people, Xu was illegally sent to the Xinhua Forced Labor Camp in Mianyang City. Under the intense torture there, he cooperated with the evil. He was released in June or July of 2001. Afterwards, he recognized his mistake in trying to avoid the persecution. He continued to distribute truth-clarification literature. He was arrested and transferred to the Yanbianxin Detention Center, where he endured severe torture. He has been held there for more than five months, and his present condition is unknown.
  10. Duan Xiaoling, female, is thirty years old and college educated. Duan went to Beijing to appeal in order to uphold her beliefs and clarify the truth to people. One day in October 2001, she was reported and detained by the Yanbianxin Detention Center while distributing literature in an urban community. After she was unlawfully handcuffed and beaten, an evil policeman said viciously, "Don't you practice forbearance? You'll have to bear it, even if I rape you."
  11. Chen Xiangzhi, female, a thirty-seven year old basketball coach. Because she traveled to Beijing to appeal numerous times and because she always clarified the truth to people, Chen was secretly sent to the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp. There, she signed a "guarantee letter" as well as other documents after being deceived by the police. Later on, she was released. After she awakened from her wrongdoing, the police ransacked her house on many occasions. They detained her in the Yanbianxin Detention Center, where she was brutally beaten. Chen resolutely resisted the evil's persecution and went on a hunger strike for two weeks in protest. The police feared that she might die, so they carried her emaciated body home and assigned a policeman to monitor her. In order to thwart the police's persecution and clarify the truth more effectively, Chen left her home and went from place to place. When creating truth-clarification literature with a fellow practitioner (Zhang Ling, female, forty), they were both detained and transferred to the Yanbianxin Detention Center. After three months of cruel torture, Chen was sent to Panzhihua City Detention Center. The situation of her fellow practitioner, Zhang Ling, is currently unknown.

A list of several perpetrators:

Panzhihua City East Region Police Substation's political security division: Tian Ping, female, Zhou Lin, male, Wang Zhidan, male, and others.

Panzhihua City Police Department: Qi Li, female, and Qin Gang

East Region political security division office phone: 86-812-2225114

Tian Ping: 86-13980343873 (mobile)

Panzhihua City Bingcaogang Police Station phone: 86-812-3333984