(Clearwisdom.net) For several months following the end of 2001, many articles, pictures and songs with themes that anticipated and celebrated springtime seemed to continuously flow from the hands of fellow practitioners. It is, of course, very commendable to have fellow practitioners' magnificent wishes and mutual encouragement. From the perspective of cultivation and Fa-rectification, however, if certain mindsets of some practitioners' are not eliminated without delay, they may very well become a big obstacle in hindering the Fa rectifying the human world.

It has been two and a half years now, and the evil persecution has revealed its darkness and brutality. We have endured all kinds of suffering and tribulations, and numerous people have been deceived and destroyed. In the meantime, our Teacher has borne a tremendous amount for all sentient beings. All this suffering is the result of the old forces resisting and interfering with the Fa-rectification process out of their selfishness and under the guise of "testing" Dafa and its practitioners. None of these things should have ever happened and should have concluded from the perspective of the best interest of beings in the universe. For the Fa-rectification disciples, however, cultivation and Fa-rectification are progressing simultaneously. In order to interfere, the evil forces need to look for an excuse. That is to say, when we have an omission in our understanding of the Fa, they will make use of it to "test" us. Therefore, every moment in the Fa-rectification process is a very important historical turning point, and Dafa disciples should stay rational and clear-minded, to understand the Fa from the Fa perspective, rather than viewing the Fa-rectification process with their human thoughts and feelings.

If we all check inside ourselves with the Fa-rectification disciples' righteous thoughts, to examine our anticipation of the Fa-rectification process ending as soon as possible: is there any "selfishness" playing a role in our minds? Do we feel that we have endured enough? Would there be thoughts that we want to avoid further suffering in this human world since we can surely reach Consummation anyways? After the self-examination, will we truly regain the sense of urgency and mission for the Fa-rectification and salvation of sentient beings?

When we wait for Teacher to finish all of these things as soon as possible, is our heart filled with responsibility for the Fa, for a richer and more beautiful new universe? Or, do we think that all our efforts are insignificant, since the Fa-rectification is all done by Teacher anyway? Or, do we think that it is already magnificent for us to "assist Teacher in the human world" and have done it so well, that we are reluctant to continue with any further efforts?

Have we ever thought whether what we have done is enough to fulfill the solemn vows that we made in ancient times? Have we ever thought that there are still numerous precious lives that are deceived by the lies and heading toward complete destruction? Have we ever thought to rescue them using the kind of benevolence that Teacher used in those years, in trying so hard to save us? Have we ever thought that if there were not sufficient beings saved, how would Dafa's most glorious period in the human world take place?

We busily prepare to celebrate - is this caused by our irrationality, lowering our guard and the emergence of the human attachment of zealotry? Are these thoughts our own true thoughts, or did they come from the interference of evil forces? "The darkness just before the dawn" is still the darkness. The most superficial darkness is also the worst. This is a severe reality, and we should not lower our guard!

On the other hand, when we decided to give up everything we had in order to make "the final sprint," did we ever give thought to actually how serious and great Fa-rectification cultivation is? How many complexities and difficulties there must be inside this Fa-rectification cultivation that could never be imagined by human thoughts! But is our willingness to give up everything really pure and selfless? If the "spring" is not that season of the calendar imagined by some practitioners, but that which will unknowingly appear after several years of hard effort, will we still maintain the endless motivation to diligently sprint forward?

If we really have so many practitioners who have the "attachment of spring" in this or that way, the evil forces will surely use this attachment to make tribulations for Fa-rectification. This is decided by their nature that has deviated from the universal principles.

Teacher has warned us that whatever attachments we have not yet eliminated will become obstacles on our way to consummation. He requests each of us to become "a righteous enlightenment being that is selfless and thinks of others before thinking of ourselves," and he teaches us to become compassionate, rational and wise. I think that in the final and most critical historical moment, whether we can use our righteous thoughts to distinguish and break through the arrangement by the old evil forces, and solidly reach the standard of the selfless and righteous enlightenment beings of the new universe, is a question worth seriously considering for every Dafa particle.

The grand consummation of every Dafa particle far exceeds any individual consummation. How purely and righteously we cultivate is directly related to whether the celestial realm for which we are responsible will be as rectified, complete and beautiful as our Teacher expects.

The coming of the spring of the Fa-rectification depends on the efforts of all our Dafa particles. Waiting and the attachment to zealotry only waste our precious time and will leave impurity and regret for our Fa-rectification cultivation.

For Fa-rectification, let us eliminate the attachment of "spring" without delay. Let us be selfless and cultivate diligently.

Written on February 26, 2002