1. Kind-hearted and healthy Chen Zixiu

  2. Weifang City Hospital under the direction of the authorities provided forged evidence of Chen Zixiu's death from brutal beating to deceive her family members and people of the world (photocopy)

  3. The document reads, "Weicheng District Beiguan Local Government,

    Chen Zixiu, a resident in your area died of sudden disease after rescue failed. Please have her body removed and cremated.

    Weifang City Hospital"

  4. Chen Zixiu was sent to the city hospital for so-called rescue to deceive people after she died from torture. To cover up his crime, the murderer cut Chen's bloody clothes, which were hardened and stuck to her body with scissors, and discarded them in a corner in the hospital.

  5. On the underwear cut open, there were blood stains and apparent feculence from fecal and urinary incontinence.

  6. Blood and feculence traces on inner trousers

  7. Chen's blood-stained clothes that the murderer discarded in the corner of the hospital

Note: All photos of her clothes above were taken by her relatives in grief and indignation