Many who have struggled and succeeded in this modern world have developed an arrogant degree of self-confidence. They have come to believe that they are the masters of their own destiny; they fall easy prey to atheism and become disrespectful of other things. Many capable practitioners were like this before they began practicing Dafa, and even after cultivating in Dafa, some still have not let go of this attachment.

I remember once at a conference, a practitioner asked Teacher how we could avoid transforming our feelings towards Teacher into some idolizing and worshipping rituals like that of some religions.

Of course we should avoid going to extremes and should conform to everyday people's ways when we cultivate and spread Dafa. However, at the conference, my understanding was: human beings should worship Gods, and disciples should do whatever Teacher says. We cannot make judgments based on our old mentality; just like the old forces wanting to influence the Fa rectification, this is absolutely not allowed. If we cannot realize from the Fa the essential necessity to completely trust Teacher, then it is not true trust, and it is not true cultivation.

No words can express our gratitude to our Teacher, and our respect is extremely pure and devout.

During group Fa study, some practitioners out of habit sit with both their legs sticking up. When we study the Fa, we are actually face to face with the Gods and Teacher. As practitioners, we must have a certain respect. In fact, there are Gods three feet above our heads; Teacher's law bodies are also taking care of us at all times, so we should maintain this respectfulness in our daily lives.

With this respectfulness, our hearts will naturally become magnanimous. Human beings are insignificant, and what we have learned in our daily lives is very shallow. A true cultivator is very humble. If we have such a broad mind, what cannot be easily discussed among our practitioners, and what will make us refuse to give ground?