Since July 20th 1999, when Jiang initiated the brutal persecution of Falun Gong, a fifty-year-old neighborhood community director received orders to monitor Falun Dafa practitioners and to report their activities on a timely basis. However, he had read Falun Dafa books, and knew that Falun Dafa is an advanced cultivation way that teaches the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. Moreover, he knew that Falun Dafa practitioners are good people, so he did not cooperate with Jiang's orders to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Instead, he protected Falun Dafa.

The director would secretly protect the Falun Dafa practitioners who distributed truth materials or posted Dafa posters. He would also remind the practitioners to pay attention to their safety.

In late January 2002, he was hit by a speeding car and was thrown to the ground more than ten yards away. The driver was afraid that he may have accidentally killed someone, but the director was not injured and did not feel pain. He felt as if his body were wrapped by something at the point of collision with the car. He stood up easily and walked towards the driver with a smile on his face. The driver was shocked at that moment. He could not believe that this was the same person he just hit. The car's front bumper was smashed. Ironically, the driver shifted the blame on the director and said, "You hit my car and damaged it, you should be responsible for repairing my car." The director did not get upset but said, "OK then." The people who witnessed the accident felt that the driver was unfair and they criticized him, "You hit him, you didn't ask him if he was injured and if he needed to go to the hospital. Instead, you wanted him to pay for the damage. This sounds too unreasonable!" So the driver was outnumbered and he left. But the people continued to talk about the accident, "The car was damaged, but the human body was not hurt-- unbelievable. This person must have accumulated a lot of virtue to deserve this luck!"

The director went home without any pain. He felt very light and relaxed, as if a great load had been lifted off his mind. He recalled what Falun Dafa practitioners had told him, "Good and evil will meet their reward or retribution in the end." He realized that his "good luck" was the result of his good deeds in protecting Falun Dafa practitioners. This incident further inspired the director to always protect Falun Dafa practitioners.