Winter break is coming. My classmates are all planning to go back home and reunite with their families after a long time of not seeing them. However, I can only sit in front of the cold window, counting the stars and waiting for daybreak. "Home," the place where I was brought up and where I had so much happiness, is no longer what it used to be.

My earliest memory was of a bowl that my mother used for taking Chinese medicinal herbs. Due to many years of illness, my mother had a very bad temper. She would take it out on me whenever she was unhappy. I don't remember how many times I was spanked even though I had done nothing wrong. My dad told me that my mother was very pretty when she was young and had a bright disposition, but she was worn out by years of illness. Later, I discovered that my mother was reading a book everyday. She then became healthier and healthier, and she started to smile again. Finally I learned that my mother was practicing Falun Gong. Gradually, I felt motherly love from her again, and our family regained a long-lost happiness. Later on, my mother threw away the bowl that had accompanied her for so many years. She didn't need it anymore. I silently thanked "Falun Gong" many times. It was "Falun Gong" that brought back my happiness. It was "Falun Gong" that made my home warm again.

Since July 22, 1999, however, Falun Gong somehow became the target of a very harsh persecution, and some vicious police officers took my mother away from our home without any explanation. My dad went up to them and asked why they were arresting good people. They replied, "These are the orders from the 'higher authorities'!" I was totally shocked -- weren't they the same police officers who claim to 'serve the people'? Then why don't they listen to the people? Who are these 'higher authorities?' Why did they issue such an unreasonable command? I was very confused.

I ran to my grandmother's home. However, my grandmother, who was in her sixties, was also arrested for standing up for the truth of Falun Gong. She was also thrown into prison. I lost two of my dearest family members in one night, and that was on the eve of Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)! While other families enjoyed the cheerful occasion, my dad and I cried on each other's shoulders. I couldn't understand why people would be thrown into prison just because they said they would keep practicing Falun Gong! Is it bad for people to practice the exercises in order to build a healthy body and a harmonious family? Why would they be imprisoned when they didn't break any laws? What's the use of the Constitution if a command from "higher authorities" can be carried out as a national law? The part that is even more difficult to understand is that "the higher authorities" forbid lawyers to provide any legal counsel to Falun Gong practitioners. If the "higher authorities" hadn't done anything wrong, why are they so afraid of giving the people the opportunity to speak up? I watched some TV programs that showed the beating, smashing, and looting during the Cultural Revolution. I pitied those people who were used by these "higher authorities." In the end, they had to pay with their own lives if they killed people, and they were imprisoned if they beat people. "The higher authorities" didn't protect them. Their evil deeds were rewarded with evil.

Recently, some TV programs showed that the existence of Noah's ark was confirmed through scientific research. Noah's ark is no longer just a fairy tale. So I suggest to people that they reconsider some things that they previously didn't believe in. For example, after more than two years of cruel persecution, Falun Gong hasn't been eliminated. Instead, more people have stepped forward. Also, since the persecution against Falun Gong began, calamities and disasters have broken out in rapid succession in China, and around the nation many unusual phenomena have appeared. Could it be that the gods are condemning the persecution.

This year's Spring Festival is coming soon. I really hope, and ask, that when you reunite with your families: please think about the families that have been devastated because of the persecution against Falun Gong. Who doesn't have a family? Who doesn't have a mother?

I don't know a lot, but I do know that my grandma and my mother are very good people, and I know that good people shouldn't be imprisoned. I'm young now, but someday I'll grow up. I will tell my children, "In Mainland China, during the days of July 22, 1999 to some unknown date, tens of thousands of good and innocent people were thrown in to prison, illegally detained beyond their terms of detention and inhumanely tortured. What crimes did they commit? They just wanted to be good people and clarify the truth. Among them was your grandma." Let our descendants know of this tragic period.

I used to look forward to the Spring Festival. This time, I am afraid of it. I don't know how many more harmonious families will be torn up by the evil during this Spring Festival. I don't know how many more innocent people will be imprisoned. I don't know how many more children will be wandering about on the streets. I don't know how many more parents will cry for their children.

All kind-hearted people, please take a look at us! Please see how the current regime has been persecuting the innocent, good people! Please stand up and uphold justice for us! Please help to stop this tragic persecution!