Tumuji Forced Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia is exposed in this article for its cruel persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. In November 2001, Lu Hongwei, Wang Xiujie, and Li Yumei were brutally tortured for practicing the exercises in the morning. Policewomen Yin Guijuan, Huang Ailing and others handcuffed the three women to heating pipes in the hallway, frantically beating them after the others were sent to work. They continued to beat them as they were moved to the office, where they were stripped and further beaten by several police who grabbed them by the hair. When the police were exhausted, they poured cold water on the women's bodies and faces and shocked them with electric batons, causing severe injuries to Lu and Li. Months later, Lu Hongwei is still unable to work. Li Yumei's hair was pulled out, leaving two bald spots.

The New Year has brought increased severity in the persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners. Brutal beatings have left many wounded or handicapped. Ji Yunzhi and Wang Chunyan were beaten until senseless, losing control of their bodies. Despite the fact that these women couldn't get out of bed or even take care of themselves, they were grabbed by the arms, and forced to work.. Numb and unable to move, Ji was forced to sit on the ground in freezing temperatures. Forced to walk in the yard, Wang suffered repeated falls, unable to control her lower body. Both women endured beatings by four or five male thugs.

High-voltage electric batons have become common instruments of torture in the persecution. Fu Guiying was severely injured when beaten by five policemen on the morning of January 12. Over 70 steadfast Dafa practitioners held a group hunger strike to protest, demanding an end to the persecution. Frightened by this powerful demonstration, officials employed several armed police to beat and torture those on strike. Jia Haiying's cries could be heard in the night as she was forced from the ward to the female team yard by male thugs. She is currently hospitalized

Inner Mongolia Forced Labor Camp Section Head Zhang is recognized for his especially vicious acts against Falun Dafa practitioners. He uses brutal torture to force practitioners to write "repentance statements." Zhang personally directed four male thugs to cuff Ma Xiuqin's hands and violently shake and pull the handcuffs up and down. They tied her hands and arms behind her with rope from which she was hung until she lost consciousness. This was repeated 7 or 8 times, with Ma losing consciousness 4 times. Zhang even personally took part in the torture. To date male thugs are still kept in the female team yard.

Falun Dafa practitioners call on kind-hearted people around the world to voice their concern for the criminal violation of human rights in Tumuji Forced Labor Camp and help end this inhumane persecution. For those taking part in the persecution, the following words of advice:

"It is the course of nature that good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil. Don't work for Jiang and Luo's criminal regime any more!"