January 12, 2002


On this solemn and sacred day, I wrote down my experience to present to fellow practitioners as well as everyday people. Please kindly point out my mistakes.

I was arrested on July 20, 1999 for appealing in Beijing. Because I widely promoted Falun Dafa and cultivated Falun Dafa steadfastly, I was transferred from administrative to criminal detention. However, as I remained resolutely devoted to Dafa, the police released me.

In the 2000 Dalian City Fashion Festival, because of my skills and conscientiousness, I was hired by a clothing company in Shenyang City at a monthly salary of 3,000 Yuan. My co-workers liked to talk with me. I inspired their righteous thoughts and used benevolence to help them realize the difference between righteousness and evil. One co-worker never joined our talk but listened outside the door. Gradually, he felt that what I said was right, and also because he always admired the upright and noble Yue Fei (an ancient Chinese hero), he became a steadfast Falun Dafa practitioner. Afterwards, he told me that it is Falun Dafa that saved him, because he lived a very difficult life and had once planned to commit robbery. It is Falun Dafa that saved a person who was walking towards the abyss.

Once, my uncle came from Dalian City and questioned closely how much the manager paid me. At that time, the company's operation was in a most difficult stage. Although the manager had promised to pay me a monthly salary of 3,000 Yuan, in fact I was only receiving 200 to 300 Yuan every month. The rest was used for keeping the business afloat. My uncle roared in anger, and the manager was very embarrassed and apologetic. I understood both sides, so I said to my uncle, "You also run a company and have experienced difficult times. At the most difficult time, you also hoped that your workers could understand and help you. We are also like that. The manager promised to pay me 3,000 Yuan, and she is a person who keeps her word, but I don't need that much." As I said this, in spite of the presence of many people, the manager burst into tears. Afterwards, my uncle called my mother and told her, "You have a good son!" At that moment, I felt Teacher words, "I often say that if a person is free from any personal notions, isn't motivated by his self-interest, and is genuinely looking to benefit others, when he points out another person's shortcomings or tells the other person what's right, that person will be moved to tears." (Falun Buddha Fa Lecture at the Conference in Singapore, August 22nd & 23rd, 1998) When I clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners while in tears, everyone present was also moved to tears -- everything was resolved benevolently. Under the influence of benevolent and righteous elements, the unfavorable elements became less and less and the company's profit rose sharply.

In order to let more fellow practitioners better assist Teacher in Fa-rectification, we held an experience sharing conference in early May. A little more than ten minutes into the conference, the police rushed in to beat and arrest people. We called out, "Suffocate the evil" and rushed outside. Some went out, but some were blocked in the room and arrested. I was injured while escaping.

In the hospital, the doctor took an X-ray. My lumbar vertebrae were fractured, and there were fragments in the spinal cord cavity pinching the nerves. I was paralyzed! In great pain, I was in despair, but my faith in Falun Dafa was a great encouragement. My parents transferred me to another hospital that same night. While in a state of haziness, I saw myself become a blooming lotus flower. The next day, a miracle happened. I no longer felt any pain, and I was very excited. Teacher had endured for me. Although I explained my miraculous recovery to my family, they were filled with concerns. My sister brought in expert after expert and professor after professor to try to convince me to have the surgery. I truly felt that through my genuine cultivation in Dafa, I'm intended to perform acts of benevolence for the sake of others. To be allowed to lie paralyzed in bed while allowing those villains to commit evil freely would be impossible. However, I saw the anguish and pain that this brought upon my family, and I decided to accept the surgery, and four days later, it was done. I was quite unmindful of the pain after the operation, as I always thought that I wouldn't care about this flesh body as long as my heart was faithful to Falun Dafa. However, I was wrong again. Every cell in my body bears my image, so how can I disregard them? If my body is like a small universe, then there must be a war going on between the righteousness and the evil. How can I be irresponsible to all these righteous elements in the cosmos? I realized the meaning of "joining the mind and body together."

Seven days after the surgery, a sentence in "Lunyu" enlightened me, "The guiding ideology of the present day human science can only be confined to the physical world for its development and research. It follows such a way that a subject will not be studied until it is recognized." Isn't what the professors have learned, studied and used to "cure" me just such a way? The broad and profound Falun Dafa is not something the present day human science can cover, and the miracles of Falun Dafa cannot possibly be explained by human science. I realized that Falun Dafa is incomparably supernormal! I wanted to stand up!

After everyone fell asleep, I rolled over with difficulty to the edge of the bed and used my hands to support my body, trying to stand up. At first, human thoughts assailed me, "The lumbar vertebrae was fractured, and it's only being held together by steel plates. What if..." Then, I made up my mind, put forth my strength--ah! I sat up! I was enlightened that if you can let go of life and death, you're a divine being! If you can't let go of life and death, you're a human.

During the course of my being injured, having surgery, and standing up, the busiest people were the ones in my village. From the moment I fell and became injured, the rumor already spread very far that I was paralyzed for practicing Falun Gong. However, just several days after I left the hospital, I walked around everywhere, and the news got passed around again. While people were still not sure what was happening, I went around everywhere riding a bicycle. While the villagers were talking about Falun Gong with great relish, I was already going to work. The Buddha Fa is perfect and harmonizing. I had always been away and did not promote Falun Dafa to the people in the village. This time, however, they truly saw the miracle and reality of the Buddha Fa.

At the Dalian City Fashion Show in September, my company held a segment introducing new designs, and I was the chief designer. I invited the professor who performed my surgery and also sent invitation cards to the nurses, who had been against Falun Dafa. They were surprised at the speed of my recovery and began to understand Falun Dafa positively. After the fashion show, the professor held my hands tightly, his excited expression telling me, "What you possess is not only willpower, but also wisdom!"

In the evening of New Year's Day, during the festival of the family reunion, another practitioner and I biked over five hills to come to a remote village, our hearts filled with compassion: "We have come, Falun Dafa has come!" The divine side was unusually clear-headed. Our trip was not polluted by selfish thoughts, but only to offer salvation to the people and completely eradicate all evil! The village was big; there were tier upon tier of homes. Our righteous thoughts were very powerful, and any attempt to prevent people from learning the truth was in vain! On our way to finishing our work, a villager blocked my way and stared at me with evil intentions. "Let all of this be resolved benevolently!" I told him with compassion, "Uncle (a term of respect for an older generation, rather than the American slang for asking for mercy), please don't be afraid, I am not a thief, and I am not robber. I cultivate Falun Dafa. We are so unjustly treated -- already more than 300 fellow practitioners have been beaten to death nationwide. I come here to bring the truth to all of you." He took the flyer and read quietly under the moonlight. Another life may have been saved after learning the truth. When I turned around, I could no longer control myself and cried. Respected Teacher! You are incomparably great and benevolent!

On January 9, 2002, the solemn and sacred "Dalian City Falun Dafa Day" was established, symbolizing that the Jiang regime's evil would become known in the world, and good and evil would be made clear! The truth is eternal and everlasting!

Please send my regards to our benevolent and great Teacher!

Please send my regards to all the Falun Dafa particles who are participating in the Fa-rectification!