The Xinan Women's Forced Labor Camp in Beijing was originally called Tiantanghe Forced Labor Camp. Since October 1999, the Xinan Women's Forced Labor Camp has illegally detained over one thousand practitioners. In order to reach the so-called "transformation quota," this labor camp has spared no effort in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners using the most inhuman and atrocious means. They have utilized electric shocks, physical tortures (such as "forced standing," "forced kneeling," "riding on an airplane," "riding a motorcycle," "climbing the wall like a lizard," and "standing with a bowl of water placed on top of the head"), and brutal beatings. They poured water directly into the victims' noses after they were beaten to the ground unconscious. They forced practitioners to stand in a "military pose" under the sun for long periods of time, subjected them to extensive sleep deprivation (up to 13 days and nights without any sleep or one hour of sleep per day for over 30 days), and refused to let them use the restroom for as long as 3 days and nights. They subjected the practitioners to "group training" for over six months. During this "training," the practitioners were given only corn bread to eat with no vegetables and forced to perform intensive labor for long periods of time.

The oldest practitioner under illegal detention is Ms. Chen Yuzhu, who is 68-years-old. The youngest practitioner is a girl of just 18 years, who was detained at the group training camp. She was often tied to the bed and denied sleep for up to 4 days and nights, causing her to become incoherent at times. Ms. Wang Yan, who was suffering from severe physical ailments, and Ms. Wang Li, who was almost completely blind, were also detained here. Wang Li suffered severe beating and physical punishment at the instruction of camp supervisors Jiao Xuexian and Wang Zhaofeng.

Practitioner Ms. Zhang Shuying was tortured with electric needles after she went on a hunger strike to protest the inhuman treatment in the Dongcheng Detention Center in Beijing. Her health deteriorated to the point where her memory was severely impaired, and she is nearly completely incapacitated, unable to even walk on her own. Despite her handicapped condition, Supervisor Wang Zhaofeng still did not ease the torture of Ms. Zhang. Wang Zhaofeng instructed guards to beat Zhang Shuying in her office while she watched.

During their shifts, Second Brigade Supervisors Han Xiuying and Zhang Ran instructed guards to beat 50-year-old practitioner He Wen for two nights. Other supervisors in the Second Brigade also instructed guards to beat practitioners Yong Xu and Ma Ronghong. Supervisor Jiao Xuexian in the Third Brigade instigated drug addict offenders to beat practitioner Li Yunying in the water supply room, causing serious injury to her back. Later they poured more than 50 pots of cold water over her.

Falun Gong practitioner Zhu Xuanwu from Northeastern China coughed up blood after he was severely beaten at the group training brigade.

List of Perpetrators:

Main Telephone number: 86-10-60275858, 60276484

Camp director: Ma Jie, Li Jing

Guard Supervisors: Shen Yongsheng, Sun Hui, Zhao Dan, Zhang Qing

Leader of the First Brigade: Cheng Li

Leader of the Second Brigade: Cheng Cui-e, Han Xiuying, Zhang Sumin, Zhang Ran, Li Xiaofang, Liu Yajun

Leader of the Third Brigade: Jiao Xuexian, Zhang Ruiming

Leader of the Seventh Brigade: Wang Zhaofeng.