Li Zhengxing is a director of the "610" office in Dongxihu District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. While riding in his car for business, he was shot in the abdomen by gangsters.

Mr. Mu Hongshun is a resident of the Taihe District in Jinzhou City. He prevented other people from viewing truth-clarification VCD's and slandered Dafa. He was involved in a traffic accident the next day, suffering a broken arm.

Mr. Zhang was also a resident of the Taihe District in Jinzhou City. After he watched the CCTV news broadcast slandering Dafa, which was fabricated by the Jiang regime, he began to spread the lies in the program. A few days later, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. Even after someone told him that he suffered retribution in this lifetime, he did not believe it and continued to slander Dafa. He died 12 days later.

Policemen in the First Department of the Public Security Bureau in Changchun City brutally tortured, maimed, and injured more than one hundred Falun Gong practitioners. Policemen Zhang Zhengzhen and Luo Yongyan were subjected to disciplinary action. They were discharged from the police force before New Year's Day and ordered to participate in a training class for disqualified police officers.

One person reported on practitioners' activities to the police, and his deeds ended up harming his own family. His son was severely scalded by hot water, injuring more than half of his body.

A young man took some Falun Gong truth-clarification flyers home in the morning, and he tossed the flyers into the fireplace as fuel. A few days later his thumb was cut at work on a lathe machine. Later, the wound became infected and had to be operated on. He finally believed that this was retribution in this lifetime after practitioners pointed out to him that he should not have destroyed those flyers.

In the spring of 2001, a worker picked up some Falun Gong banners and used them as shoe padding. On the same day, his feet and knees kept bumping into things, but he did not recognize that this was a warning to him. Later his leg was cut in an accident that required several stitches.