Person A is an ordinary person whose wife is a Dafa practitioner. Because of the persecution, Person A's wife has been forced to leave her home and family and has had nowhere to live for more than a year. Person A and his son have been living a very difficult life. One day, another Dafa practitioner met person A and mentioned matters concerning Dafa. Person A's heart is filled with a sense of justice and determination. The following is part of the dialogue between person A and the Dafa practitioner:

Dafa Practitioner: You and your son's lives are so difficult. Do you ever feel like complaining?

A: It's been such a long time, but I have never complained about her, or about Dafa at all. I have read Zhuan Falun once, and I know that it is telling people to be good. My wife did not do anything bad, yet she was forced to leave home for clarifying the truth; this has all been forced upon her. Although these two years have been very bitter for me and my son, I know it is also not easy for her to be out there. At least I am able to tell the good from the bad. If it weren't for Jiang's persecution, no one would have been forced into such a situation. A few years ago, before the persecution, husbands and wives were never separated like this.

Dafa practitioner: Do you know much about the truth of the persecution against Dafa practitioners?

A: Sometimes I pick up some truth-clarifying flyers. I read them every time I see them. I know that Jiang's villainous regime has tortured more than 300 people to death--he is inhuman!

Dafa practitioner: You have such a righteous mind! This is one of the reasons why Dafa practitioners clarify the truth with their lives. Who wouldn't like to enjoy their life at home? Yet why do they still clarify the truth against great force, under great threat, and through great difficulties? This is due to their compassionate hearts.

Dafa practitioner: Some people might not understand why Dafa practitioners hand out flyers. In fact, we are not against the government, we are only clarifying the truth of how the evil is persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners. We are telling people how the sick and misguided people are lying, fabricating stories to defame Dafa, falsely accusing the innocent, and persecuting good people. These evil people are continually doing bad things, while the good people are suffering greatly. By spreading the truth, we can cleanse people's minds of the vicious lies. We can educate people who are unaware of the real situation. We can help them obtain a correct understanding and to lay a good foundation for their future. Regardless of whether one is against anything else, as long as one is not against Dafa within one's heart, then one's future is guaranteed. If one maintains righteous thoughts, one will have a great future.

A: I really admire people who practice Falun Gong! They are suffering so much in the labor camps; they are tortured beyond reason! Yet they are still so determined in Dafa! Also, those who make these truth clarifying materials--I know they all used their own money to make these materials while they have to wear mended socks. I sincerely admire them!

Dafa practitioner: There are countless numbers of practitioners who have such a state of mind.

A: Falun Dafa is good! It doesn't matter what happens, I would still think it is good! It truly is. I always tell my father not to say bad things about Falun Gong, so he doesn't end up with bad returns. He should not interfere with what practitioners do.

Dafa practitioner: Nowadays, aren't natural disasters happening everywhere? All these are warnings for the people who have committed crimes against Dafa and practitioners.

A: One night I had a dream: I saw the whole sky was full of Falun of different sizes, formed out of stars. They came down from up there with great speed. There were so many of them, and they looked so beautiful! I think the wrongs done to Dafa will soon be redressed. It is certain that this day will come.

Dafa practitioner: With such righteous thoughts, you will surely have the chance to be saved in the future!