Illustrations of Torture Methods Used in Chinese Detention Centers and Forced Labor Camps, Part 2

February 03, 2002

Note: This article is a continuation of Part 1, which appeared on on November 24, 2001. (Illustrations of Torture Methods Used in Chinese Detention Centers and Forced Labor Camps, Part 1 )

( In Chinese labor camps and detention centers, Falun Dafa practitioners are constantly subjected to cruel torture. According to practitioners who have escaped from these havens of evil, besides applying the various torture devices and jolting practitioners with electric batons, police often encourage the criminal prisoners to beat practitioners and then pour cold, dirty water over them. Police even command guard dogs to attack Falun Dafa practitioners!

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The police inflict cruel corporal punishments in an attempt to force Falun Dafa practitioners to make confessions about fellow practitioners and the so-called organizations or activities, to give up their beliefs and to write "statements of renunciation." If the practitioner will not do what is expected, the police, assisted by the prisoners, will administer the torture method known as "Digging in Bamboo Sticks" (The police hammer sharp bamboo sticks into the fingers of the practitioner through the tips of the fingernails. In the process of the hammering, the fingernail will be completely torn off. As one's exposed fingernail beds are extremely sensitive, the hammering process causes an excruciating pain that one cannot even begin to describe. The police begin by hammering the bamboo stick into just one finger. If the practitioner still refuses to allow his will to be bent, the police will then hammer bamboo sticks into more and more fingers until they have brutally mutilated all ten fingers.) Whoever suffers through this torture experiences unbearable physical pain, as well as deep emotional anguish.

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Some detention centers and labor camps roughly and injuriously force feed Dafa practitioners who have gone on hunger strikes. Police instruct the prisoners to force the practitioners' mouths open, pry their teeth apart, and force-feed them with a highly concentrated salt-water solution. Whoever experiences this will be in agony. Once they have gone through this torture, Falun Dafa practitioners will be exhausted, with wounds all over their bodies. After having their lips torn and teeth pried apart, the insides of their mouths and throats are severely injured.

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When police inflict corporal punishment while trying to force Falun Dafa practitioners into "confessions," they often use a plastic bag to suffocate them. This is a cruel and easily administered torture.

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One method used in the brainwashing classes and labor camps to force Falun Dafa practitioners into giving up their cultivation is known as "Exhausting the Eagle." The practitioners are forced to stand on a stool over one foot tall and are prevented from going to sleep at night. Regardless of their exhaustion, they are still forced to endure their daily workload, which often involves heavy labor.

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In order to get Falun Dafa practitioners to reveal their names and addresses, the police will twist their arms back to the most extreme position, pull their hair and bang their heads against the wall. Sometimes the police will press a practitioner's head down above a toilet bucket filled with feces to force the practitioner to smell it.

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Almost every imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioner has endured the humiliations of hanging, beating, electric baton shocks, and of being stripped naked. Some practitioners from one labor camp recalled that the police would strip the practitioners, and then use a homemade electric shocking device to torture them. The size and shape of this shocking device is like that of a masonry brick, and it carries a much higher voltage than regular electric batons. The skin will break open and bleed in every place that receives a shock from that device.

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Falun Dafa practitioners who had gone on long term hunger strikes could not move their bodies after being tied on the "Dead Person's Bed." (The practitioners' extremities are stretched out and tied to the four posts of an icy-cold metal bed. They cannot move at all; neither are they allowed to get up to eat, drink or even to go to the toilet. This treatment can last anywhere from several hours to longer than two weeks. This cruel method of torture causes severe physical and emotional injury to the practitioner.)

"Board Sitting:" (Sitting on the rough wooden boards without being allowed to straighten their legs.) Every day practitioners have to endure this torture while the criminal prisoners have their two meals and sleep during the long nights. Among those who went on hunger strikes were senior citizens, the middle aged, young students and children, all from common occupations such as factory workers, farmers, administrators, intellectuals, and students. These hunger-striking practitioners drag themselves through one day after another to protest the illegal detention and to call for the release of all illegally detained Falun Dafa practitioners. When a labor camp employee asks them if they would like to eat today, they gently shake their heads with their weak bodies. Then the labor camp officials force feed them, sometimes with highly concentrated salt-water, sometimes even with chili pepper water. However, Falun Dafa practitioners still quietly resist for thirty days, fifty days--even up to one hundred twenty days! Even when they are on the verge of death, the Falun Dafa practitioners who go on hunger strikes will just endure all of this. Some pass away while enduring, while those who survive persevere and remain steadfast.

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Many Falun Dafa practitioners are still locked inside "water dungeons" like the one in which female Dafa practitioner Ding Yan died. They have to pass through many days of darkness while immersed in chest deep water. (Link to the article about Ding Yan:

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