When Dafa practitioner Yu Libo (female) from Zhaodong City, Heilongjiang Province was distributing truth-clarification literature with a fellow practitioner in a residential area in June of 2001, they were followed and reported to Fendou Police Station. The police came and beat up the practitioners, and yanked at their hair. When the residents witnessed the police atrociously beating two defenseless women, they all expressed their disapproval.

A practitioner, unable to endure the police's intense persecution, revealed a literature-printing site. As a result, two practitioners from another area, Liu Xixiang (male) and Deng Qingshan (male), were illegally detained, a copier and large amounts of truth-clarification material were confiscated, several practitioners from the area were identified and arrested, and Dafa practitioner Ma Yuxi was rendered homeless. The incident alarmed the Province's Police Department. So Zhaodong City's Police Department went on to establish a "special investigation division." Wu Jiansheng (Supervisor of Re-education department at Zhaodong City Police Station, a main perpetrator in the persecution of practitioners), Liu Weizhong (Assistant Supervisor of Re-education department at Zhaodong City Police Station, who recently had a throat cancer operation. He didn't acknowledge his wrongdoing and continued to do evil), and Yin Guohui (Nancheng Police Substation Residential Police) are the chief members of the "special investigation division." During interrogation, the police viciously beat and tortured the practitioners, but practitioner Liu was undaunted; Liu, Yu Libo, and others went on hunger strike to protest their torture and unlawful detention. The police resorted to numerous treacherous means including threats, deceits etc. to obtain a number of leads from other people. However, the leads didn't amount to anything. Liu Xixiang either said he knew nothing or told them, "I did it alone." Practitioner Liu didn't give in even when heavy duty handcuffs and shackles was put on him, or after being tortured on the notorious "Tiger Bench" [Where a practitioner is forced to sit on a small iron bench with knees tightly tied together. His hands are tied behind the back and he is not allowed to turn his head, close his eyes, or talk to anyone. Many inmates are also assigned to guard him]. Afterwards, the police put him into an iron cage specially designed to torture the hard-core criminals. Anyone inside this cage must bend at the waist and lean against a metal bar, unable to crouch down or stretch his back. The agony is obvious. After twenty-four hours in the cage, Practitioner Liu still would not talk. The police said in admiration, "If I get a friend, I want somebody like him."

Yu Libo was forced to sit on the "Tiger Bench" for two days and one night, while a policeman pinned her legs down with a metal rod. During interrogation, the police took turns beating her, but still could not extract the source of the truth-clarification literature and CD's from her. The police all said admiringly, "Another Jiangjie (A female revolutionary during the 1940's who didn't comply with the Nationalist Party even under brutal torture) has appeared in Zhaodong City." Yu Libo was tortured until she was in a dreadful condition - she was unable to walk because her legs were swollen to twice their size. Because of Practitioner Yu, an inmate witnessed Dafa's might and Dafa practitioners' greatness in Fa-rectification firsthand, and thus embarked on the journey of cultivation.

In July of 2001, the police held an open hearing for the detained practitioners. During questioning, Liu Xixiang, Yu Libo, and other practitioners called out "Falun Dafa is good!" in unison. This shocked the evil, who immediately gagged the practitioners' mouths shut with a rope. However, "Coercion cannot change people's hearts" (Article "Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts"). Dafa disciples' righteous determination in Dafa is indestructible.

Notice: Liu Xixiang was illegally sentenced for ten years; Yu Libo was illegally sentenced for eight years; Deng Qingshan was illegally sentenced to eight years; Wang Hongwei for 4 years; Yang Ming for 3 years; and Wang Hongyan for 6 months.