I am a Dafa practitioner from Liaoning Province. After I heard about the detention and mistreatment of Tianjin practitioners, I went to Beijing on April 25, 1999 to clarify the truth. On July 20, 1999, I went to the Bureau of Appeals in Tieling City. When I went to Beijing to appeal the next day, I was stopped on the way. A few days later, I again went by myself to Beijing to tell the government the truth about Falun Gong. On October 28, I was brought back to Tieling and was detained at the Qinghe Detention Center in Tieling. My mother, children and husband all tried to convince me not to practice Falun Gong anymore.

And at the time, because I couldn't let go of human emotions, I went along with them. The next day, the Qinghe District TV Station interviewed me regarding Falun Gong. As they were questioning, I felt regretful for my actions on the previous day and told the reporters my true experience in cultivating Falun Gong. I was then unlawfully sentenced to one year in a labor camp and.

At Tieling Labor Camp, Dafa practitioners were punished for practicing the exercises and studying the Fa. The guards beat practitioners with electric batons, forced them to bend over while holding their hands up high behind their back. All practitioners were placed in solitary confinement as well. Even in the coldest winter and amidst a big snowstorm, Zhang Yan and Zhang Hua, two sisters, were forced to stand against the wall outside for a long time. I had to stand against the wall too for giving them mittens to wear. More than 80% of the detained Dafa practitioners had been beaten with electric batons. Chen Yuzhi, a woman who is nearly 50 years old, was beaten so hard that she couldn't even stand up. However, the very next day, she was forced to do hard labor. Her duty was to dig a ditch in the ground. It was so cold that the ground was completely frozen, making digging almost impossible. Even a 63-year-old woman was forced to do this type of work. I had large red bruises on my back and legs because of the beatings I received from the electric batons. Some practitioners had blisters on their neck and hands due to the electric shocks. The guard in front of us laughed and mocked us, saying, "They [the blisters] look like cocoons."

After Zhang Yan was beaten with electric batons, she was put into solitary confinement for an entire day. The rooms were very cold, and practitioners' hands and feet were chained to iron beds, preventing them from lying down. They weren't given any blankets and weren't even allowed to wear a coat. Some female practitioners were beaten so hard that other male practitioners could hear their heartbreaking screams. They all started doing the exercises to support the female practitioners.

On January 30, 2000, all 25 female practitioners detained in Tieling were transferred to the Liaoyang. In Liaoyang, we were forced to do hard labor 16-17 hours a day, sometimes until midnight or until 2 to 3 a.m. One time we had to work the whole night through. The practitioners were exhausted by such high-intensity labor. Many of them had blisters and calluses on their hands. We were so tired that we sometimes even fell asleep while working. Nearly all of the practitioners had swollen legs and arms.

Some of the work was so intense that it was even difficult for the men to do, but the prison guards forced eight female practitioners to do it. Four of them were forced to load 3 to 4 trucks of construction materials a day, with 2 to 3 tons of materials per truckload. It was very hot in the summer, and our clothes were all wet from sweat. The other four practitioners had to bend the construction materials [most likely steel rebar] to certain angles using their hands. We were also forced to clean out a landfill full of garbage. The rancid stench was so terrible it made some practitioners nauseous and they vomited as a result. When we had to open bags of concrete, the dust covered us from head to toe. The only part that was not blanketed in dust was our teeth. Another job we were forced to do was to put gravel on a railroad bed. This particular task was very dangerous, since it was an active rail line, and there was a train going by every 7 to 8 minutes in both directions. We could only work during the intervals when the trains were gone. When a train came close, the guard blew a whistle to warn us. Sometimes we couldn't hear the whistle and came very close to being hit by a train.

Wang Shufang, a practitioner from Liaoyang, was dragged to the ground from an upper bunk bed for practicing the exercises. She was beaten with the bottom of a shoe and her face was swollen.

Lu Yanying, another practitioner from Liaoyang, was severely beaten by a few male policemen. Her face was beaten to the point of being swollen. She was then shocked with electric batons and tied to a metal radiator. Due to a sudden electric shock, her head was thrown against the radiator and began bleeding profusely. Immediately after the police wrapped her wound, she was forced to sweep the snow outside.

Wang Dong from Liaoyang was put in solitary confinement as soon as she arrived at the labor camp. One day, a policeman asked what she was doing. She said she was memorizing the Teacher's articles. The police then beat her severely.

One day, when the police were searching our cells, they found that two Tieling practitioners and I had pens, books, and the Teacher's articles. They then started beating us. Policeman Liu Wei slapped me so hard in the face that I lost my vision for quite some time. My lips were cut too, and the area around my eyes turned black instantly. One of my front teeth was also broken in half, causing me to be unable to put on my other artificial teeth, and thus I couldn't eat and speak normally. Tan Qi, one of the two other practitioners from Tieling, was kicked in the mouth. Her mouth became so swollen that she couldn't eat for more than ten days afterwards. Policeman Liu Wei also used the needle to stab her breasts until she started bleeding. She was then sent to solitary confinement for 16 days. During that time she could only sit on the ground with her hands around her knees and wasn't allowed to move. She developed body sores that started bleeding. Her skin was also oozing with pus. When the fluids dried it caused her skin to be glued to her clothes. Every time she went to the restroom it felt as if she were peeling off her skin. For meals, she was given two meals a day and just a little bit of food. She also wasn't allowed to sleep until everyone finished the assignment for that day. Zhang Yan and Hu Ying from Tieling were detained in strict confinement for 18 days. The sores on Zhang Yan's buttocks felt as if on fire, and she couldn't sit at all. The police then hung her up with her hands over her head and tortured her in that position. Other practitioners, such as Xu Lanfang from Tieling and Dou Xiaokun from Liaoyang, had also been detained in solitary confinement.

The police also asked firm Dafa practitioners to read inflammatory propaganda materials slandering Dafa. I refused. The police team leader Sun Aiqin then called me to her office and said, "I'll just use you to practice." She beat me with an electric baton and left blue and purple bruises on my back. She also kicked me to the ground and hit me in the face. She hit me so hard that my teeth were knocked loose. After I was released from the labor camp, I went to a dentist, who said that my teeth were so damaged that they were useless. The dentist suggested that I have all my teeth pulled and wear dentures for the rest of my life.

October 19, 2000, 14 of us female Dafa practitioners from Tieling were transferred from Liaoyang to Masanjia Labor Camp. Here, the evil was very rampant. The police tried to brainwash Dafa practitioners. They kept the practitioners up night and day and try to make their minds falter. Some practitioners were beaten and forced to stand or squat for a long time. The police also added labor camp terms for practitioners who refused to give up their beliefs. Since practitioners outside started distributing flyers and calling on people to clarify the truth, the situation became a little better.

Once a policeman hung me up with my limbs bound together. Feng Lin, a convicted drug addict from Fushun, stepped on my lower back and broke my tailbone. It hurt every minute, whether I was standing or sitting. It was even worse when I used the bathroom. Kind readers, you couldn't even imagine what the evil was doing here. The only thing you could see were the phony smiles on their faces. Under such pressure from the evil, lies were disguised as good will, and because I wasn't able to get rid of personal attachments, I finally wrote to promise not to practice anymore. In addition, I persuaded others not to continue practicing. I am sorry I betrayed the Teacher. After returning from Masanjia, I became more diligent in studying the Fa and the Teacher's recent articles. Now I have come out of the shadow of the evil enlightenment and am back in the force of Fa-rectification.

Dafa practitioners' magnificent generosity and truth clarification shows their compassion to the people of the world. I hope everyone who sees this article will think twice and be responsible for his or her own future.