Since October 31, 2001, the city government of Lingyuan, Liaoning Province, has utilized its Political and Judiciary Committee (Ma Guotai is the general secretary), the local "610" office, its Police Department, and the detention center to hold illegal brainwashing classes aimed at forcing Dafa practitioners to give up practicing Falun Gong in order to reach the goal set by their superiors for the so-called "rate of transformation."

All local police substations in Lingyuan have followed the orders of their superiors, arresting Dafa practitioners all over the city by any means possible. They even hoodwinked Dafa practitioners' family members by saying, "We just want to send them to a class and will release them in a couple of days." If a practitioner refused to go with them, he or she would be taken against their will, beaten up, and forced into a police car bound for the Lingyuan Detention Center. One practitioner was taken to the detention center with just a sweater and bare feet. Practitioners arrested by Wanyuandian Police Station all arrived with their faces covered in black and purple wounds, some even with imprints of hands on their faces. Practitioners totally lost their personal freedom once they were detained. They were asked to wear a prison coat with the word "Detained" printed on it. If a practitioner declined to wear the coat, he or she would be handcuffed and put in shackles weighing over twenty-five pounds. The center provided practitioners with very little food and that of poor quality. To force practitioners to write a "letter of repentance" or a "letter of criticism," the detention center fabricated lies to deceive practitioners and garbled statements out of Dafa books to slander Dafa. Dong Zhimin, the deputy director of the City Police Department and Zhang, the general secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee, personally went to the detention center to enforce the persecution. Dafa practitioners were harassed, beaten up, physically punished, and weren't allowed to sleep. They beat up practitioners with leather tubes and shocked them with electric batons, forced them to sleep on cold wooden beds, and didn't allow them to meet with their families. One practitioner developed a serious lower back pain from sleeping on the cold wooden bed. The guards wouldn't provide any treatment, alleging the pain was "a pretence." Now the practitioner cannot even stand up straight because of lower back pain and is only able to move forward by squatting on the floor. A family member of the practitioner asked the guards why they would treat someone like that. The deputy director Li Jun and a couple of policemen replied, "You can just go tell our superiors about that. This is a detention center, and we are only in charge of detaining people."

In an effort to reach the so-called "rate of transformation," Sun Liansheng, director of the detention center, grabbed a practitioner by the hair while Li Wei and Li Junjie, two other guards, each held one arm and forcibly poured half a cup of alcohol into the practitioner's mouth. After that, Sun broadcast the news that, "This practitioner is transformed since he has drunk alcohol." Because Falun Gong practitioners don't drink alcohol, the director used this approach to deceive other practitioners. Once when practitioners were taking a rest during a drill, Policeman Li Wei, as if he had gone insane, suddenly grabbed a practitioner by his hair and dragged him to the floor. Li cursed and beat the practitioner, then pulled him to another room and gave him a further beating. Another policeman threatened, "I have beaten more than one hundred people here. I want to know if you can withstand my rubber tube." [To beat people with a rubber tube can cause internal injures. It can result in a separation of bones and muscles without being perceived from the outside.] Practitioners detained in this facility include elderly people over sixty, teenagers, and pregnant women. They were all quite weak but were forced to run and jump on the drill ground. In addition to that, policemen often ordered practitioners to suspend their entire bodies parallel to the ground, supported only by their hands and toes, and to hold that position indefinitely. Whoever could not hold that position or could not do it correctly would be beaten. A practitioner over 50 could not stand it and fell unconscious, eyes closed, sweating abnormally, and ashen faced. Police also ordered practitioners to hold up their hands for half an hour. If anyone could not straighten their arms or trembled, Li Wei would beat the person with a rubber tube or an electric baton.

Some practitioners held a hunger strike to resist the cruel persecution. One female practitioner was taken to the second floor to be force fed on the fourth day of her hunger strike. Policemen turned up the volume of their music in order to drown out the sounds of their threats and her cries during the force-feeding. Other people, however, still heard her cries. Policemen tried to force-feed her through her mouth and nose but failed. After about 40 minutes, they pushed her into a vehicle and sent her to a mental hospital, where she received an injection and continued to be subjected to force-feeding even though blood was running out of her nose. In the mental hospital, they can tie her to a bed and do whatever they want without being witnessed by outsiders. When the practitioner was eventually sent back, dragged and held up by a couple of policemen, her expression was blank. Afterwards, she received additional injections of an unknown substance for three days. There is no set date of release for practitioners held in this detention center. Some have been detained for more than three months. Not only that, practitioners here were often the target of the police officers' personal anger. Policeman Li Wei's wife had an abortion. He got drunk and came to the detention center after midnight. He first kicked at each door of the cells yelling, "You don't allow me to have a good life, I am now not allowing you to sleep." He then went to the male practitioners' cells and beat them up. He ordered practitioners to get up and stand there for the rest of the night. He even took one practitioner to a room and dropped the practitioner's trousers to his knees. He then inserted a rubber tube between his legs from behind, insulting him by every means.

The above are only a tiny portion of the persecutions practitioners have suffered in the Lingyuan Detention Center, and this persecution continues to escalate. The authorities, however, cover up these facts and utilize Lingyuan TV station to hype up their so-called "Educating, Helping and Saving" the practitioners. Any person with a kind heart should be able to tell who is good and who is bad, and who is righteous and who is evil upon seeing this article.