(Clearwisdom.net) Liu Lianying, a prison guard from No. 2 Division of Changchun Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp, is an extremely vicious individual. She has violently tortured Dafa practitioners.

Practitioner Zheng Donghui was determined in her cultivation. Guard Liu Lianying used an electric baton to shock her for an entire night. Her neck and face became black and blue. Zheng Donghui remained firm in her belief, however, so she was frequently shocked and physically abused. A new wound would be made before the old one even had time to heal. At one point a large festering wound on the back of her neck became infected.

In the winter, she was forced into solitary confinement to a cold, damp basement for half a month. Using all kinds of torture devices, Liu Lianying tortured her continuously. However, it didn't alter her righteous faith and determined heart toward Dafa. Liu Lianying and another guard Wei Dan came up with a vindictive idea. They hung boards which slandered Teacher Li and Dafa around the necks of practitioners who were firm in their belief. The boards had to be worn at all times, while eating, working, even using the restroom. One time, Zhen Donghui removed the board and, as a result, was shocked with an electric baton by prison guard Wei Dan. After the torture, the guard put the board back on and forced her to wear it for half a month. Her health declined daily. Five or six others force-fed her drugs.

One day, some Dafa practitioners had diarrhea. Liu Lianying instructed prisoners and "transformed" people [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] who were watching Dafa practitioners not to let them use the bathroom, causing a few practitioners to soil their pants.

Refusing to give up her belief in Dafa, practitioner Zhu Shuyun was illegally detained and tortured. Liu Liangying shocked her with an electric baton. After the torture, her ears bled, there were large blisters on her neck and deep cuts were all over her body.

Wang Guizhen was illegally jailed in No. 2 team of No. 2 Division. Because she continued to practice Dafa, refused to cooperate with the officers and didn't give her name and address, the violent guard, Liu Lianying, frequently shocked her with an electric baton. Her neck, face and body were left injured from the electric shocks, and she had blisters on her body and cuts on her face and neck. Once in the dining area, Liu Lianying told Wang Guizhen, "You don't have to speak. I will shock you later. I will shock you to death!" Wang Guizhen experienced extremely cruel forms of persecution both mentally and physically, ruining her health. She vomited and coughed up blood. She couldn't eat, so food and medicine were force-fed to her. Later she was sent to a mental hospital, and now nobody knows her whereabouts.

Wang Yonghong, a Dafa practitioner from Yanji City, was illegally jailed in No. 3 team of No. 2 Division. With her firm belief in Dafa and righteous thoughts she continued to practice and refused to cooperate with the criminal officers. As a result, since November 2000, she was frequently shocked with electric batons by the violent prison guards Liu Liangying and Long Cuiping. In January 2001, she was asked to go to a guard office. Using two electric batons, prison guards Ren Feng, Liu Lianying and Long Cuiping shocked and beat her for more than one hour. Wang Yonghong's face, neck and body turned a dark-red color and were covered with blood blisters. The scars from the torture remained on her body for more than half a year. She suffered frequent physical punishment, was not allowed to sleep and had her jail term extended indefinitely.

Li Yuhua, a woman in her sixties, was arrested because she had gone to Beijing to clarify the truth. She suffered cruel torture by the evil prison guard Liu Lianying, and was frequently shocked in her mouth with an electric baton.

Qiu Shuyun was in her mid 50s. In November 2000, because of reciting Master's articles and action against the evil persons' [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] slandering Master Li and Dafa, she was slapped in the face repeatedly in the guard office by Liu Lianyin. Liu also covered her mouth with plastic tape to stop her from talking.

Liu Lihua was frequently abused both physically and verbally because she continued to practice the exercises and refused to cooperate with the officers. She had high blood pressure when she first arrived at the prison. She was force-fed medicine because she refused to corporate. Under the instruction of guard Liu Lianyin, four to five prisoners forced her to lie on the ground and used a metal object to pry open her mouth. A bunch of her hair was pulled out of her head. She was kicked and beaten, and her face was covered with wounds. However, her righteous belief and righteous thoughts never changed.

Deng Shiying practiced the exercises regularly, and refused to corporate with the police officers. On April 4, 2000, soon after she arrived in the prison, she began to study the Fa and do the exercises. One evening, when she was doing the exercises, prisoner Xu Dongmei began to beat and kick her, and knocked her head against the frame of a bed, all under the instruction of the prison guards. She began practicing the exercises again as soon as the prisoners let go of her hands. The two prisoners would then beat and kick her again. She was also taken into a bathroom, and was beaten severely with an inch-thick rubber tube. She could return to her cell if she stopped doing the exercises, but she refused to give up. Furious, prisoner Dong Hui whipped her face with a bamboo stick and asked other practitioners to watch. Deng Shiying's face was swollen and deformed the next day and was covered with black marks. Her mouth was also bleeding.

In order to validate Dafa, all the practitioners in No. 5 division performed the exercises. Consequently, they were beaten and insulted by criminals including Dong Hui, Yao Yingkui, Zhang Fengyu, Zhang Na, Xu Dongmei and others. They were also physically punished in other ways, such as, being forced to stand for long period of time, being deprived of sleep, being forced to stand in the cold weather by facing opened windows, being stripped of clothes, having their hands and feet tied up, and being forced into a position that was difficult to hold for a long period of time, etc.