1. One day, I thought that I should go to the forced labor camp to help Dafa practitioners use their righteous thoughts. On the way to the forced labor camp, I thought, "I am not alone. I am with the Teacher, with higher enlightened beings in other dimensions including Buddhas, Daos and Gods, and with Dafa practitioners around the world because I am doing the most righteous thing." Finally, I entered the forced labor camp, went upstairs, passed through several metal gates and distributed Teacher's articles successfully.

2. One night, I went to a village to distribute truth-telling flyers. After I finished and was riding on my bike to leave, a person yelled loudly behind my back, "Stop him! Stop him!" Although I saw six to seven people coming out from a government office, I was not flustered at all but continued sending forth righteous thoughts. These people did not take any action but stood there watching me ride away.

3. One night, after leaving a practitioner's home, I was followed by a person riding a bike. He wanted to see my face. I sent out righteous thoughts to stop him from seeing me clearly. He asked, "Hey, where did you come from?" I kept silent and did not respond. Meanwhile, I sent forth righteous thoughts to evade him. After passing an intersection, I looked back and did not see him any more.

Original article date: 2/14/2002