(Clearwisdom.net) After clarifying the truth, sometimes I do not feel that the effects are good. I have discovered that the reasons are usually my own problems. I am writing this down so that we can learn from each other through experience sharing.

1. I think that I am not good at conversation. This notion has artificially hindered me from speaking out fully and confidently while clarifying the truth. Dafa has bestowed wisdom to us and created the human being's language. Once we break through the barriers set forth by acquired notions, we can certainly go on talking without worries and resolve people's questions one by one.

2. I eagerly clarified the truth but forgot to send forth righteous thoughts first to control the other person's evil factors. For example, sometimes the other party was very stubborn or quite blunt. I felt that I was being suppressed by him instead of the other way around. This strengthened the evil field and diminished the effect of clarifying the truth.

3. Sometimes I protect my own notions, lowering the effect of clarifying the truth. Actually so long as our heart keeps righteous thoughts, since one righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils, the evil can be extinguished by our righteous field.

4. Lacking some knowledge of clarifying the truth, I do not make clear some specific events that people are interested in. For example, what is "4.25" about? What is "7.20" about? I do not know enough about the cause and effect of these incidents, such as the so-called "self-immolation." I also do not know how to explain some questions, such as what Falun Dafa is, whether Fa-rectification involves politics and so on. I think that I should study Fa more and read more of other practitioners' experiences published on Clearwisdom.net. Based on this understanding, I will be able to more effectively clarify the truth.

5. According to the other person's age, occupation, cultural background, family environment and so on, we should clarify the truth from the different angles. Using good communication skills, we can help them to understand the truth. Of course, in order to obtain good results, the key is our Xinxing [mind nature], righteous thoughts and understanding of the Fa. Other factors are merely supplementary.

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate in my experience sharing.