On the second day of the Spring Festival, I packed up some truth-clarification materials and rode my bike into town to clarify the truth. Along the way, I pasted literature onto every lamppost I passed and handed out flyers to every person I met. I arrived at a village and continued to paste my literature. Groups of people gathered around the lampposts, and I made sure that everyone received a truth-clarification flyer. Some happily accepted it, but others asked with confusion, "On television they say Falun Gong is bad. So what's really going on?" I replied, "They're deceiving you on television. Those evil people concocted the lies to suppress kind people who cherish 'Zhen-Shan-Ren' (Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance)." They nodded their heads in agreement. Someone also observed, "Without Falun Gong, society would be in disarray." After hearing this, my heart was filled with indescribable joy.

Arriving at another village, I decided to post flyers just on the outskirts of the town because I only had a few left. All of a sudden, someone yelled, "Why don't you go into town?" I quickly realized, "Isn't that Teacher directing me to go into town?" With this thought, I posted the flyers in the center of town. There were many people there, and more than thirty people gathered around me when I glued a flyer onto a lamppost. Some people said, "Do you have any more? I need one." I told them, "I'm terribly sorry, but this is my last flyer. I promise I will bring you one next time." It's evident that many people want to know the truth, and a lot of them are waiting to obtain the Fa. It is true: when everyone realizes the truth, the evil will disintegrate by itself.

In the afternoon, I went to another village to post truth-clarifying literature. Just after I finished posting a flyer, someone behind me called out, "Stop. What are you posting?" I turned around and saw a middle-aged male hurrying towards me and replied, "Falun Gong truth-clarification literature." He walked past me towards my bike. I realized what was going on and grabbed my bag before he could get to it. He saw the bag and scornfully told me, "You have a lot (of flyers) here. Where did you get these?" I handed him a flyer entitled "Falun Dafa -- A Wrongfully-accused Case for the Ages," and answered, "I made it on my own." He said, "You dare to post this in broad daylight." I responded, "What I'm doing is the most righteous, why should I be afraid?" He said, "You claim that you are righteous, do you dare to post this at the police station?" I told him, "Truth-clarification flyers are already posted all over the police station, that's why I came here." He said, "If you're righteous, then why did Falun Gong practitioners surround Zhongnanhai?" I replied, "We went to Zhongnanhai in order to appeal, not to cause an upheaval. I ran out of truth-clarification discs, or I'd let you watch it." I also told him, "You are most deceived after believing those lies on television." I started clarifying the truth to him. He asked numerous questions, each one of which I answered with righteousness. Our conversation lasted about thirty to forty minutes. In the end, he asked, "Do you know who I am?" I replied, "From the way you speak, you are a law enforcement officer." He understood and was no longer as vicious as before. He told me, "You should be more careful, so don't post flyers during the day time. Do it at nighttime. I shouldn't have said this. If others saw this, they could call the police, then you wouldn't be able to leave." I replied, "I know you are a good person, and a good person will not arrest me."

Just like this, I returned home safely.