1. On January 29, 2001, the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp at Changchun City, Jilin Province sent around ten Falun Dafa practitioners, who were on hunger strike for protesting illegal detention after the expiration of their terms or for unfair treatment, to the camp's clinic for intravenous injection and forced-feeding. The guards who treated practitioners were very cruel to them and beat them at will.

2. It was reported by witnesses that the practitioners (who were already extremely weak) were handcuffed at the aisle of the clinic and sat on small stools. Several female guards abused practitioners by viciously beating them and cursing at them. When a camp officer came in, the practitioner asked him, "Why won't you release us even after a year's extension beyond our terms?" The officer said, "Why you didn't obey us? You won't be released, and if you say one more word, you will be tortured." The guards even forced a practitioner's relative to buy the sugar and other things used for forced-feeding.

3. The practitioners from the No. 2 Division have written many letters to the officials of the team, the division, the education section and the management section to tell them about the unfair situations of guards abusing and beating them at will, forcing the weak, elderly practitioners to work extended hours, often having them get up at 4 a.m. and continue working until 10 p.m. without even a break at noon. Some practitioners became so tired that they fell asleep while they were working. But as soon as they fell asleep, the guard would kick them down to the ground and continuously curse at them. No one responded to their appeal letters, instead the guards' torture even intensified. Under such a situation, some practitioners began to protest the persecution by going on hunger strike. The practitioners who were on hunger strike were ignored until their lives were at stake. Then the person who came to see practitioners was not there to resolve the problems, but to persuade practitioners to eat, otherwise, they would be force-fed and cursed at. A camp doctor said to the practitioners who were on hunger strike, "You won't be released even if you become a vegetable!"

The hunger strike is continuing; practitioners have been brutally force-fed many times.