February 15, 2002


I am 48 years old. Before obtaining the Fa, I had heart problems, a sleeping disorder and some other diseases. My whole body was swollen and very uncomfortable. In order to cure my diseases, I went to different doctors everywhere. I had tried Chinese medicines, Western doctors, worshiping Buddha etc. However, the diseases were getting worse and worse and my body was getting worse and worse. Whenever it rained, it was like going through death. The suffering that I went through was unimaginable to a normal person. I was about to become insane from the suffering. I often wished that my death would come sooner. I had tried to kill myself twice but was saved by family members. The one time after I was pulled out of the well by my husband, I really couldn't take it. I just sat in the yard and cried loudly. Neighbors all cried and felt sorry for me. However, no one could help me. During those few years, my family was ruined so much that it did not look like a family.

In 1996, a relative taught me Falun Gong. When I was just doing the first set of the exercises "Buddha Showing a Thousand Hands," a miracle had happened: I felt heat at the center of my palms and my fingers were sweating a bit (I had not sweat for many years), I could not help myself saying, "Oh, this practice is good! This practice is good!" After finishing the first set, my whole body had a comfortable feeling that was indescribable. Because it was effective, I practiced many times every day. Dafa had created a miracle throughout my body! Very soon, I was able to walk around outside and later on I could even help out with light work in the field. If I was tired, I would sit down and meditate. Two months later, all my diseases were cured. That year, my family and I together harvested in the autumn. Friends and neighbors asked me what kind of miracle drug I took? I told them Falun Gong had saved me! Very soon everyone came to learn. In the village, there had been a total of over 100 people that came to my house to learn Falun Gong.

Dafa not only cured all my diseases but also opened up my wisdom. I had only one year of schooling from elementary school. I was basically an illiterate. At the beginning my children read for me and it was very inconvenient. I really wanted to read the book and study the Fa myself. So I borrowed a book and a dictionary, I reviewed pinyin (phonetics for Chinese characters), learned how to look up words in a dictionary, and began to learn words. Later on I bought the cassette tapes of Teacher's lectures to listen and learn at the same time. That speeded up the process a great deal. Three months later I was able to read thoroughly the whole book "Zhuan Falun." Dafa again created miracle through me!

However, such a good practice was framed by Jiang's regime. Local thugs even forced us to curse our Master Li. I benefited personally and Master Li saved my life, how can I not practice? How can I curse my own Master? How can I curse Dafa? In the summer of 2000, because I firmly practiced Dafa, I was forced to attend the brainwashing class organized by the county. In the brainwashing class, I was punished by being forced to stand up and to kneel down, beaten, deprived of food and forced to sleep on a concrete floor at night. However, my heart did not move and I was truly able to achieve the state of being "Unmovable like a Vajra." Later on, the county fined me 3000 Yuan RMB. My family had to borrow the money from everywhere in order to bail me out.

No matter who said bad things about Dafa in front of me, I would use my own experience to validate that Dafa is true; it is the most righteous and innocent. I let them understand and stop cursing Dafa so that they have a chance to re-position their lives again.

(Written and re-organized based on the practitioner's oral description)