1. Zhang Erjiang, the Party General Secretary, Shen Fangzhou, the deputy director of Public Security Bureau and other corrupt officials, of Tianmen City in Hubei Province, have persecuted Dafa practitioners by all means such as imposing illegal fines on practitioners, implicating relatives, beating practitioners, sending practitioners to forced labor camp, etc. They have received retribution for their vicious deeds. They were brought to justice on charges of accepting bribes, degeneration, and decadence.

2. Sui Mingyi, the Party Assistant Secretary, and Zhang Jingyu, the Director of Armed Force Department, both in Taitou Town of Shouguang City in Shandong Province, have illegally beaten up, detained, cursed many Dafa practitioners and destroyed Dafa books. They both collapsed in a drunk driving accident; Sui Mingyi died on site and Zhang's leg was severely injured.

3. Zhang Jiaming, a guard in Hanyang Prison of Wuhan City in Hubei Province, fell down when he went to the washroom on midnight December 15, 2001. He broke his neck and his legs are paralyzed so that he can't move.

4. Liu Boxiang from Beijing First Steel Company in Miyun district was used by the evil government to monitor and persecute Dafa practitioners. But he didn't listen to the warnings and suddenly died on January 7, 2002 of a severe stroke.

5. Sun Xiaofeng, the resident of Taihe district in Jinzhou city, slandered Dafa and tore up Dafa signs, but didn't pay attention to others' warnings. In December 2001, he began to feel pain in his shoulder and he could no longer drive a taxi. Now he is suffering pain everyday.

6. Bai Yonghe, a resident of Jinzhou city, has slandered Dafa many times. His wrist was cut by a piece of falling glass when he went to swim in a swimming pool. He has spent 7 to 8 thousand Yuan on medical fees. He came to understand the principle of "good is returned with good, evil meets evil" after the people around him clarified the truth and he changed his attitude towards Dafa. Another resident, Geng Liande, also changed his attitude after people around him clarified the truth about Dafa. Geng no longer believes the slanderous propaganda reported in the media.

7. An official of Gequan Charcoal Mine of Xingtai City Mine Group in Hebei Province persecuted Dafa practitioners and brought up the punishment to the staff. Last Chinese New Year Festival, the residence had a large explosion that killed many people. Last May, when the Mine wanted to hold another brainwashing class, mineshafts caved in and 17 workers were stuck under the ground. In 2000, the production of charcoal hit the highest record ever since the mine was founded, yet worker's income was the lowest that year, which has caused many workers to complain.