(Clearwisdom.net) Around 7p.m. February 18, 2002, Andre Hubert, a German practitioner who took part in the peaceful appeal in Tiananmen Square, returned to Frankfurt Germany after more than 80 hours illegal detention and interrogation. In the airport, local practitioners welcomed him warmly. In spite of the rain, a local reporter went to Frankfurt to interview Andre Hubert on scene after they had interviewed the practitioners from Heidelberg who had peacefully appealed at Tiananmen Square. Two reporters from FGM TV Station also conducted a live interview with Andre and quickly reported this event.

Andre Hubert, a western practitioner who was attacked by Beijing Police Fellow practitioners welcome Andre Hubert in the airport Andre Hubert, who was detained and suffered in a Beijing jail for 4 days

During the interview, Andre Hubert, a gentle and quiet 22-year-old German practitioner described his experience in China in detail. He also described his three-days of horrible experiences in a Chinese jail.

On February 14, Andre Hubert went to Tiananmen Square, unfurled the banner showing "Falun Dafa" with other German practitioners and shouted "Falun Dafa is good". Within 10 seconds, several policemen jumped on him and brutally knocked him down to the ground. Seven policemen tried to force him into a police van. They threw him on the van floor, pressing his face to the floor. Some policemen sat on him and the others kicked and beat him brutally. The driver hit his head and neck fiercely with his elbow. He then was taken to a detention center nearby to Tiananmen Square. The policemen forcibly dragged him in to the detention center causing his shoes to fall off and breaking his belt.

He and other western practitioners were taken to a so-called "hotel" near the airport and. then were illegally interrogated one by one. When he refused to tell his name and address and give them his passport, the policemen threatened him with long-term detention. Andre insisted upon talking to officials from the German embassy and refused to answer their questions as long as his request was refused. During the interrogation, he found that the young policemen hardly knew anything about Falun Gong. All they knew was the evil propaganda and slander against Falun Gong. He further realized how deeply Chinese people had been deceived. After other western practitioners were deported, he and five others who were refused to give their names and addresses were taken to a place in suburban Beijing. Nobody told them where they were being held.

When they went through a gate, they realized that it could be a prison. The policemen then said they would be sentenced to five years prison and emphasized that International Laws and United Nation's Laws have no effect in China. They were forced to submit to a physical examination. The policemen stripped off their clothes and checked them. All their belongings were illegally seized. He and two other Falun Gong practitioners, one from Sweden and one from Japan were locked in a cell less than 15 square meters. The cell could only allow 8 people, however it held 10. There was no bed in the cell but only 8 sleeping slots on a wooden floor, with a very narrow aisle. A washbasin was at the end of the room, and only cold water was provided. There was a hole on the floor used as toliet. Everywhere was dirty. They could only sleep on their side. The room was full of the horrible smell of human feces. The other prisoners told Andre that this jail was had the best conditions.

They had to spend two days in this hell. Every day, except eating and sleeping, they were forced to sit upright and face a southerly direction, which happened to be the direction of the toilet. They were not permitted to go outdoors and get any fresh air.

In the prison, the prisoners were all very surprised that a lot of westerners were practicing Falun Gong and practitioners were all so peaceful. Andre and other practitioners used this opportunity to clarify the truth and expose the evil to the prisoners. One young prisoner spoke very good English. Many prisoners thus changed their opinion towards Falun Gong. In the prison, they practiced Falun Gong with dignity. Some prisoners even learned the exercises from them.

Upon his strong insistence, Andre was taken to meet an official from the German Embassy. However, the officials of German Embassy had no idea that the practitioners had been detained in the prison. They had no knowledge that they would still be detained in the prison that night. The policemen had deceived the embassy from every country in China.

On February 18, they were taken to the Beijing airport from prison and been sent back to Europe. However, one practitioner from Sweden is still in prison.