(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang Baorong is the Party Secretary of the Forestry Department in the Mining Industry Group Company of Shuangyashan City, in Heilongjiang Province. From February 1 to February 6, 2002, he forced over 50 workers to watch a videotape slandering Dafa, intending to destroy the kindness in people's minds. He would deduct their February bonuses if they did not want to watch the video. When Dafa practitioners working in the mining company refused to watch the video, Zhang Baorong incited the chief of the security section, Zhang Xuesong and others to illegally arrest the practitioners, and then forcefully send them to the company's security department to be illegally interrogated.

Chen Yan, male, is an employee at the 2nd Construction Company of the Mining Industry in Shuangyashan City. He went to Beijing to rectify the Fa on January 12, 2002. There, he was unlawfully seized. On the 29th, he was taken back to his hometown, and was locked up in prison. He was finally released on February 5.

Hao Airong went to Beijing to rectify the Fa on December 10, 1999, and was locked up in Shuangyashan City's office in Beijing for 5 days. Officer Yang (surname), conducted a body search on Hao Airong, interrogated her, and forced her to pay 255 Yuan RMB. When brought back to Shuangyashan, she was illegally detained in the city's detention center for 42 days. She also suffered from the beatings and kicking of Wang Zhongguo, and others. She was expelled from the Party. Her family members and working unit were also implicated. She was asked to bear all expenses of 2,810 Yuan for her colleagues who went to Beijing to bring her back. On May 11, 2000, she was illegally arrested by policemen Wang Xuchun, Zhang (surname), and others of Wohongqiao Police Station. She was detained there for over 9 hours. In mid May of 2000, her husband and she went to Jiamushi City, where they were illegally seized by policeman Yu from Dongfeng District Public Security Bureau, who stubbornly insisted that they had illegally assembled. Hao Airong and her family members together were detained for 18 days. On June 22, 2000, Hao Airong was illegally arrested from her home by policeman Wang Xuchun. Wang Zhenchun, a policeman in Jianshan District, forcefully sent her to a detention center for 33 days. On July 25, 2000, Hao Airong was sentenced to one-year labor-education and switched to Jiamusi City's labor camp. In the labor camp, practitioners were forced to take off all their clothes and be searched. The brainwashing classes were held to persecute their minds. If they didn't compromise, the practitioners would be locked in a small cell. Under the labor camp's cruel persecution, Hao Airong's legs began to ache and pain. Later, her thighbone developed problems and her legs did not function any more. The labor camp wouldn't get her go even though she submitted an application requesting to be released. Two months later, in mid December of 2000, seeing that she was persecuted to the point where she could not even take care of herself, the labor camp allowed Hao Airong's family members to come and take her home.

Sun Shujie, female, 45 years old, is a resident of Group 1, Residence Area 8 in Jianshan District. She is an employee at Forestry Department in the Mining Industry Group Company of Shuangyashan City. At the end of 1999, because she read a Dafa book on the way to Mount Tai, she was illegally seized by the Feicheng Police Station of Shandong Province. After being detained for 5 days, she was brought back to the Shuangyashan City police station where she was detained for about 20 days, and extorted out of 5000 Yuan. In May 2000, because she was practicing the exercises in a park, Sun Shujie was illegally fined 200 Yuan by the Lixin Police Station. In June 2000, Sun Shujie went to Beijing to validate the Fa. She was brought back and then detained in her company's detention center. Because Shujie protested those articles slandering Dafa written on the board bulletin, she was severely beaten by policemen Liu Wencheng and Wan Xiaoyong. As a result, her leg muscles turned black-purple. Later, because she refused to sign the guarantee not to practice anymore, she was illegally sentenced to one year of labor camp. On September 2, 2001, Sun Shujie went to Beijing to appeal. She was arrested and then detained in her company's detention center. Because she requested to go to the bathroom during detention period, she was sneered at by policeman Liu Wencheng. The detention center superintendent Dong Xuecheng did not stop or restrain him, and even locked up Sun Shujie in a small cell for 5 days. The superintendent forced Dafa practitioners to wash clothes, feed chicken and geese, unload and ship coal. If the practitioners did not do the work, they would be forced into 24 hour solitary confinement. In a mid-night in October 2001, Sun Shujie started hemorrhaging because of the hard labor. Three days passed before her family members were informed of this. In the hospital, because she had lost too much blood, she fainted. On December 20, 2001, After Sun Shujie gave the superintendent Dong Xuecheng some truth clarifying materials, Dong reported her to the police department. At around 8:30 am on the 26th, four policemen broke into Sun Shujie's home, took all the Dafa books, and also wanted to take her away. But she refused and tore up the subpoena. The policemen didn't consider her body's weakness, and dragged her by the feet down stairs and threw her into the police van. She was then illegally detained. During her detention, Sun Shujie went on a hunger strike. Dong wanted to evade his responsibility, so, under the guise of letting her go, he sent her to the City detention center for criminal detention. Because of her hunger strike, Sun Shujie fainted twice there. On the ninth day, she was released unconditionally.

The total amount of money that out of which she was extorted is over 20,000 Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly salary for an urban worker in China].

The units and responsible persons for extorting money from practitioners:

Feicheng Police station;

Branch Bureau of Shuangyashan City Police, and Wang Zhenchun;

Su Gang: head of her working unit;

Dong Xuecheng: Superintendent of Detention Center in the Mining Industry Group Company of Shuangyashan City;

Hou (surname): Superintendent of Labor Camp.

Evil People Lists of the Mining Industry Group Company of Shuangyashan City in Heilongjiang Province:

Party Secretary, Zhang Baorong:

Cell phone: 86-130-39756086,

Home phone number: 86-469-4350681

Vice Party Secretary, Chen Shaobin:

Cell phone 86-130-09786736,

Home phone number: 86-469-4232739, 86-469-4013592

Branch Party Secretary, Li Chuanhai:

Home phone number: 86-469-4013680, 86-469-4462165

Commission for Inspecting Discipline: Geng Teigang:

Working phone number: 86-469-4012849,

Home phone number: 86-469-4226027.

Security Section Chief: Zhang Xuesong:

Working phone number: 86-469-4012208,

Home phone number: 86-469-4276483

Office of Fire Department: Sun Shaohua:

Home phone number: 86-469-4283482

Superintendent of Detention Center in the Mining Industry Group Company of Shuangyashan City: Dong Xuecheng

Cell phone: 86-139-46667010,

Working phone number: 86-469-4014354, 86-469-4357

Pan Hongkui:

Home phone number: 86-469-4227509


Feruary 13, 2002