Before the National Day on October 1st, 2000, I had been illegally detained in the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp for 20 months. I was tortured so much there that I was only about 74 pounds, and I was unable to eat anything for many days. I also refused the labor camp's force-feeding. Seeing that I was so emaciated, the labor camp officers still did not want to send me home. However, they also didn't want to take responsibility if I died, so they sent me to the Tiebei Police Hospital in Jilin Province.

Although it was the labor camp's responsibility to cover the medical expenses resulting from the abuse they directed at me, they asked my family for around 2,000 Yuan RMB. My spouse requested to see me but he was denied. Apparently, the labor camp only asked for money and they didn't allow visitors.

I was sent to the Police Hospital on the afternoon of October 7th. Without any examination, I was injected with many IVs. I told them that I had never once needed medication after I started practicing Falun Gong in 1995 and that I had maintained my health. My unhealthy condition, I told them, was due to the lengthy detention period in the labor camp. I asked them to let me heal myself through the Falun Dafa exercises and through studying the Fa.

The hospital officers, however, ignored my requests. Instead, they tied me to the bed with handcuffs and shackles and they started to forcefully inject me with medication. When, Yin Yuqin, a prisoner who was receiving treatment in the hospital, was trying to restrain me with handcuffs and shackles, I refused and I did not lie down. Thus, she dragged me by my hair and forced me down on the bed. It was like this everyday after that. In addition, Yin Yuqin also intentionally tightened the shackles. I was enduring an enormous amount of pain. This was their idea of "medical treatment."

Before and after I was sent to the hospital, I kept spitting blood, however neither the doctor nor the officer knew about it. The next morning, I spit out about 200 ml of blood. After the prisoners in my room saw this, they thought that it was tuberculosis, so they reported it to the officer right away. Without any examination, the doctors started giving me medication for tuberculosis treatment. After they gave me the injections, I felt like vomiting and I was dizzy. Still, they didn't' stop no matter what I said to them.

When I continued to spit more and more blood, they took an X-ray and found that I didn't have tuberculosis after all. Despite this, they continued to give me the tuberculosis injections. I didn't find out until almost 24 hours later when I asked the doctor on duty. She immediately took the IV bottle and hid it. She was afraid that I would sue her later for medical misconduct.

Around 4 p.m. on October 9th, when I went to the bathroom, I removed the IV myself. However, Yin Yuqin saw this and kicked me in my left eye. I felt faint and almost lost consciousness. At that point I had not eaten anything for many days. That, along with the fact that I was spitting blood, made me so weak that I fell down into a toilet. I could not breathe for a long time and Yin continued to curse at me.

After returning to my room, I found that my nose was bleeding. My eyes and the left side of my face had also became swollen. At that point, when Han Wei--the officer on duty--came in, I requested for my family to sue Yin; I was denied. She also did not allow me to call home. I requested to see the supervisor of the hospital, and she said that there was no supervisor. As law enforcing police officers, they recklessly acted against the law and persecuted Dafa disciples.

The next day, Wang, the director of the 5th Division in the labor camp, and another officer from the labor camp came in to pick me up. They were stunned upon seeing my face. Even they thought it was too much. By that point I was so weak. The vicious police were very scared, so they bailed me out for medical reasons. However, after a few days, their investigation showed that, according to an officer on duty, an IV bottle had fallen down and hit me in the eye. They said no one had beaten me.

Thus, the police hospital in Jilin Province ganged up with the police to provide false statements and to cover up their responsibility. They were harboring criminals and severely violating the law against their conscience. With instigation from Jiang's Regime, their persecution against Falun Dafa disciples has become immoral and inhuman. Such evil actions cannot be allowed anywhere. They will receive retribution.