Falun Dafa practitioner Yao Yanhui (male) was listed as an important target and was illegally detained at Wujiabaozi Labor Camp. By January 25, 2002, he had been on a hunger strike for 13 days. His situation is very dangerous and urgent.

Since April 2001, policeman Jiang Yongfeng in the Wujiabaozi Labor Camp had been gradually intensifying his persecution of Yao. Yao's face was beaten black and blue and his head was swollen on all sides. For a few days, he was continually stabbed on the fingers and the bottom of the feet by needles, but they still couldn't reach their goal of "transforming" him. Later on they used ropes to tie his hands behind his back and hung him on the wall. Sometimes they tied his feet and hung him upside down and kept him stationary. This usually went on for hours and the longest time was for one day (the date unknown). He was tortured from the morning until afternoon for as long as five to six hours nonstop. At one point he was beaten unconscious, then he was tortured to regain consciousness again. After that incident, Yao Yanhui's legs were numb and his toes could not move at all. The labor camp ignored his injuries and continued to torture him for eight or nine more days. He was not allowed to sleep, day or night. Since he did not receive proper treatment on time, the nerves were damaged in his legs. His legs were numb and lacked any strength. He could not feel anything in his toes or the bottoms of his feet, and needed two people to hold him when walking. He could not take care of himself.

Yao was sent to the hospital for a check up; however the labor camp did not process paperwork for the medical attention needed based on the results of the examination.

It has been over 10 months. In the situation of not being able to care for his daily life and under such persecution, Yao went on a hunger strike to regain his basic right to survive.

Below is an open letter from some Falun Dafa practitioners being illegally detained at Wujiabaozi Labor Camp (the ones with life threatening conditions are detained at the Second hospital):

We are legal citizens of The People's Republic of China. We are Falun Dafa practitioners, people who believe in Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. Local police stations used deceptive methods to deceive us to come out of our homes. Without any reason, they forced us into the Wujiabaozi Labor Camp. It has caused damage to our bodies, families and relatives.

We have been tortured and treated as non-humans. We are under 24-hour surveillance. The rooms are humid and sanitary conditions are very poor. Many of us have scabies on our bodies; our minds and bodies had been greatly devastated.

Han Ruiyan, female, 38 years old, was sleeping at home on January 14, 2002 when six police officers from Qiandian Police Station took her away. Han explained to them that she just had an induced labor operation. They did not say anything and sent Han to the labor camp.

Li Li (Female) has been in the labor camp for 8 long months. She absolutely refused to cooperate with the evil and went on a hunger strike. The authorities sent her to Fushun Second hospital and continued to persecute her. They forced handcuffs and shackles on her and brutally force-fed her by inserting a tube into her stomach. Captain Liu Baocai (male) and Guo Zhengwei (male) beat Li with their fists and kicked her with their feet. They proclaimed that they were not afraid of retribution and that if she died at the hospital then she would have died in vain. (Meaning that they were afraid to be responsible if she died in the labor camp, so they changed her place of persecution to the hospital. The hospital installed a surveillance system, metal gates and metal bars, and had police officers on duty 24 hours a day. If the death was caused by force-feeding or persecution, they would not be held responsible.)

Wang Hong, female, absolutely refused to cooperate with the evil. She was also force fed through a tube and beaten by a prison guard in jail. Police officer Liu poured rice in Wang Hong's underwear and then poured cold water all over her body.

Zou Guirong (female) was kicked so hard by prison guard Lu Kai that she could not walk and could not sleep at night.

More Falun Dafa practitioners are receiving inhuman tortures. Under the banner of saving lives, the camp guards and doctors intensified the persecution of practitioners when force-feeding them. They tied up practitioners' hands and feet or put them in handcuffs and shackles. They then brutally beat and tortured them by pushing the force-feeding tubes in and out, thus causing severe injury to practitioners' throats.

These are the practitioners currently under persecution (we only have information about female practitioners): He Jing, Zhang Yulian, Mao Shuping, Sheng Jinxia, Shi Lihong, Han Ruiyan, Zhang Fenglian, Li Shuying, Zhu Zhifen, Yang Yuchen, Li Shaohua, Qiu Li, Song Zhixiu, Zhao Xiuying, Li Shuzhen, Zhao Guiqian, Li Li, Yu Shourong, Yuan Feng, Li Shuzhi.

We urgently call on kind-hearted people in the world to pay attention and help. This kind of inhuman torture takes place here everyday. Many people's lives are in great danger but the police block the information from getting out.