More than one hundred Falun Gong practitioners are illegally detained in the Women's Forced Labor Camp of Shaanxi Province. The most senior is 70 years old and the youngest is 24. They receive inhuman persecution there.

The Women's Forced Labor Camp of Shaanxi Province is extremely vicious and all kinds of evil things are fully manifested there. Deception, extortion, cursing, beating, gambling, and drug use are common occurrences among the officials and criminals at this labor camp. Moreover, guards make use of criminals to use the most vicious methods to persecute Dafa practitioners, such as hanging them up, brutally beating them, forcing them into the "airplane position," detaining them in a solitary compartment, making false charges, forcibly brainwashing them, etc. (For a detailed description of these and other forms of torture used in forced labor camps, see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html)

Every practitioner was forcibly accompanied by some forced-labor criminals and their so-called "mutual assistants." These "mutual assistants" were told to limit all movements of Dafa practitioners and those that demonstrated ruthless behavior were rewarded.

On May 26, 2001, this labor camp covered up the real situation to handle the inspection of the Ministry of Police. Dafa practitioners asked to meet the members of the inspection team and were refused. The guards of the camp put all Dafa practitioners into one classroom and all practitioners recited Master Li's "Lunyu"(introduction to Zhuan Falun) and "Hongyin" (book of poetry) together. This made the guards even more panicky and they told drug addicts to break up the practitioners. When 4 drug addicts grabbed and tried to take away 51-year-old practitioner Li Xiuzhen, 62-year-old practitioner Chen Shulian went to stop them. Those drug-addicts knocked her down to the ground. Ms. Chen's leg was immediately broken and she could not move.

On June 7, Dafa practitioners in Team 3 were suddenly transferred away from that team. When practitioners tried to ask the reason and where they would be sent, they were punched and kicked by the team leader and by those prison guards he incited. Wang Jie' glasses were broken; Li Xiuzhen's hair was grabbed and pulled, and Zhai Xianru's false teeth were broken. Practitioners insisted on not cooperating with the evil and in the end, the guards had to carry 11 practitioners to Team 2.

On June 21, the Education Team forcibly brainwashed Dafa practitioners and seized Dafa articles. When practitioners asked the team leader for the articles, the team leader and those prison guards he incited brutally beat practitioners with police batons. Mei Hongying, who is over 60 years old, was beaten unconscious on the spot and didn't wake up until several hours later. Thirty-year-old Zhao Li's head was injured, and she became mentally impaired from the torture. The other 9 practitioners were handcuffed and confined for 7 days. However, the camp slandered those injured Dafa practitioners by claiming they had "cultivation insanity" and had injured and crippled themselves.

On August 7, drug addicts found Dafa practitioners practicing Falun Gong exercises, so they tied 63-year-old Zhao Jiabi to a bed; they pulled the hair of 64-year-old Ma Yunjing and knocked her onto the framework of an iron bed. Ms. Ma's eyes and face were beaten and became dark blue and swollen. Li Xiuzhen was tied to a window and brutally beaten with shoes. Wang Jie, Li Cuifang, Lanlan, and Liu Aiying were handcuffed from the back and not allowed to sleep or change clothes. Even when they ate, they were still handcuffed. When Li Cuifang was having her period, she was not released from the handcuffs to change her sanitary napkins. Practitioners were pressured to write pledges to "give up practicing Falun Gong" and they refused, so they were tortured like this for one month. The evil criminals tried all means but still didn't achieve their purpose, so they had no choice but to give up.

Despite these inhuman tortures, Dafa practitioners as always strictly restrained their mind-natures and behavior with the standards of the universal principles of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance, and strengthened their pure and righteous faith. They believe those people that have been deceived by false appearances will gradually wake up. When the time for the great disclosure of the truth comes, history will provide testimony for the great and mighty virtues of Dafa practitioners who insisted on upholding the truth.