-- There is a vendor who believes that Falun Gong is good. Every time she receives flyers she reads them. She also keeps her eyes open for truth clarifying materials on her own. She applies the Fa-principles that she knows to her daily interactions with people. She never uses abusive language with other people. From this we can see that Dafa has quietly grown in people's hearts.

-- I went to a repair booth to get the zipper on my bag fixed. After it was done, upon trying to pay the owner said, "It was such a minor job, I wouldn't be happy if you insisted to pay." I said that then I would give him a Dafa truth-clarifying flyer. The shop owner said, "I would be glad to have one. I'd like to read it. During the last few days the TV program slandered Falun Gong again. People no longer believe what it says though."

-- When buying some meat I clarified the truth to the young fellow who was selling it to me. At the end I told him to reveal the truth about Falun Gong to his relatives and friends, and I wished his family a good future. He said, "Thanks. Rest assured, I will help you to promote Falun Gong after going home!"

-- When buying vegetables at a food market, I saw 5 or 6 booth-owners chatting together. I grabbed this opportunity to talk about the truth of Dafa, and answered some questions that they didn't understand. They were very willing to listen. At the end they said that I was welcome to come back and talk to them again.

-- When talking with a teacher, whom I hadn't seen for many years, he said, "This Falun Gong is unusual. I only know that a large number of people participate, but I am not clear on what it's really all about." I told him about my cultivation experiences, the persecution that Dafa practitioners are suffering and about the large scale global spreading of Dafa. At the end he said, "I really should learn more about Falun Gong."

-- My working unit organized an exhibition to defame Dafa. After the exhibition a colleague told me, "Upon looking at the display, my only feeling was infinite admiration. There are so many accomplished people with high degrees of education cultivating Falun Gong abroad. It also says that the security code for Clearwisdom.Net has over a thousand digits. Even experts need two years to break this code. Falun Gong people are truly great!"