Both my husband and I are Falun Dafa practitioners. We have gained a multitude of benefits from practicing Falun Dafa, including improved health, harmonized family and elevated morality. According to the rights that the Constitution of our Nation [China] endows every citizen, my husband and I went to a Beijing Appeal Office to appeal for Falun Dafa, requesting justice for Falun Dafa. However, what awaited us was not the reception of the Appeal Office staff but illegal arrest by police. They turned a deaf ear to our explanations. They detained us in a police station in Beijing. After they knew our names and addresses, they asked our local police department to take us back. After we got back, my husband was immediately sent to a detention center and has been detained there ever since. The detention center dared not keep me there because I was 7 months pregnant. They consulted higher authorities in an attempt to get permission to force an abortion on me so that they could send me to the detention center. They also said that as long as I promised to quit studying Falun Dafa and doing the exercises, they would not force me to have an abortion and I could have my freedom.

Although I was a frightened at that time, I was firm in my belief in Falun Dafa. This is a great practice, why should I quit doing it? Thinking these thoughts, I refused their request to renounce my belief. It was then, these evil police took me to a hospital against my will. In the hospital, several people forcibly held me down and performed an abortion procedure on me without even informing my family. When my family got to the hospital, it was too late and the forced abortion had taken effect. My parents insisted upon an explanation from higher authorities as to what crime I had committed. Which law says that an a person practicing Falun Gong should be forced to undergo an abortion? However, to these questions the authorities turned deaf ears to my parents.

After receiving the injection to abort my 7 month pregnancy, my unborn child struggled in my womb for over forty hours before giving up its life. We all know that it's easier to give birth to a living baby and it is far more difficult to birth a dead child. I suffered in tremendous pain and lingered in and out of consciousness. My mother cried while holding me tightly. I don't remember how many times I passed out. It was always my mother who pulled me back into consciousness by crying out loudly to me. I don't know how much time passed before my dead child emerged from my womb. Looking at my dead son, my heart was broken. My parents cried loudly. They loved the dead baby too much to allow the hospital to throw it away. During the several days I was forced to stay in the hospital, I missed my baby who was dead. At the same time, I missed my husband who was imprisoned in the detention center.

Seven days later, I was determined to have recovered a little, and that was when the inhuman police started planning to send me to the detention center. They claimed that "according to orders from higher up, no matter what is done to Falun Gong practitioners it is not off limits." Upon the all out intervention of my parents, the evil forces didn't get their way. Instead they sent me home. Still I was kept under 24-hour surveillance and treated as a convicted criminal subjected to house arrest. I was not allowed to leave home, and completely lost my personal freedom. One month later, under extreme governmental pressure, my parents pressed their fingerprints on a "statement of guarantee" [renouncing and agreeing not to practice Falun Gong] prepared by the police. They also had to pay 2000 yuan of a so-called "bail guarantee". [The average monthly salary of an urban worker is about 500 yuan.] My husband wasn't released until after two months of illegal detention.

After experiencing this persecution, which is completely void of human nature, I have to ask: Who is it that has brought upon kind Falun Gong practitioners such tremendous catastrophes? Who is it that has pushed an innocent life into the hands of death? Who is it that is spreading rumors, fabricating lies, planting evidence, and framing the innocent? Is this the period of Jiang's so-called "best era of human rights in China"? Is this the so-called "China under the rule of law"? Is this what the "Protecting of Rights of Women and Children" is all about? All of them are lies to mislead the public! What we see is the inhuman and sadistic nature of the merciless Jiang regime.

We appeal to international human rights organizations, various governments, non-governmental organizations, and all kindhearted people who have seen the truth, to help stop this inhuman killing. Please offer emergency rescue to the benevolent Falun Gong practitioners in China!