On the evening of February 15, 2002, three western practitioners, David, Jenny and Aysha returned to Seattle after having peacefully appealed for Falun Gong on Tiananmen Square. At Seattle International Airport they received a warm welcome from family members and friends, and gave interviews with major media agencies.

Three practitioners arrived at the Seattle airport at 6:20 p.m. via Vancouver. Holding flowers and banners and accompanied by peaceful Dafa music, friends, families and fellow practitioners welcomed back the western practitioners who went to China, the homeland of Falun Dafa, to validate Dafa, offer salvation to sentient beings and uphold the right of freedom of belief.

At the airport, three western practitioners were interviewed by major media of the region. They revealed the brutality the Chinese police inflicted upon them while they held their peaceful appeal on Tiananmen Square.

Three Seattle Western practitioners return to Seattle after peaceful appeal on Tiananmen Square. They are Jenny (left) Aysha (middle) and David.Family members and fellow practitioners welcome three practitioners back with song "Falun Dafa Hao"Fellow practitioners happily reunited.
Recount of Police brutality: pulling by hairRecount of Police brutality: clothes are tornJenny is telling the reporter the suffering she endured
Jenny said that during several days in Beijing she had been sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil.Aysha is interviewed by reporter. She recounts the abuse she suffered while she protested on Tiananmen Square.