In Zhuan Falun, Teacher said, "you must study the high-level Fa thoroughly," and "one should not come to learn the Fa with the attachment of pursuit." In other lectures, he also emphasized many times the importance of studying the Fa.

Since Teacher's article "Melt into the Fa" was published in 1998, some fellow practitioners followed Teacher's journey of spreading the Fa and went to Dalian. When they came back, they said that in Dalian there was a person in charge who read three lectures of Zhuan Falun a day and the entire book once every three days. No matter how busy he was, the schedule was never interrupted. At first I didn't take it seriously. Later, when I heard this mentioned again, I realized that this was no coincidence, so I started to read three lectures a day. At first, it was very hard, and I felt that I could hardly keep up with it. Then I found that when I was really determined, the situation changed completely. I felt warm waves in every part of my body. My brain cells were expanding. My entire body and mind were changing, and I was able to see many wonderful scenes from other dimensions. When I opened my eyes, I could see Falun rotating all over the room. I also saw flowers from other dimensions and the Teacher smiling at me from inside a Falun. When I was sitting in meditation, I saw Teacher and the deity in charge of time coming towards me from the sky. Teacher pointed at me and told the deity in charge of time, "Look, my student is cultivating." Then I saw three infants laughing and playing with the Falun in the Falun Paradise. I realized that mind and matter are one thing. My husband, who is also a practitioner, opened his eyes and saw Teacher in the balcony looking at me meditating. Teacher signaled my husband not to speak. I experienced all this after insisting on studying the Fa more diligently.

Since February of 1999, I have been able to see my gong column and the existence of positive and negative matters. I saw the nature of the universe, "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" manifested at my level. I saw and experienced that we are allowed to ascend when we reach the standard and requirement of a certain level. The higher the level, the more we can ascend, until we reach the limits of our xinxing, at which time we are restrained. He is always calm and patient, compassionate and peaceful; nevertheless, he does not allow you to ascend. I then realized this is what Teacher meant when he talked about upgrading xinxing.

Because I insisted on studying the Fa diligently, I saw some of the Fa principles of the universe and enlightened to the importance of speaking the truth about these principles even if it meant that I would be imprisoned. I was able to step out of humanness and safeguard Dafa.

At the beginning of 2000, when sitting in meditation, I witnessed the greatness and magnificence of meeting the standard. In June, when I was reading Zhuan Falun, I felt very open. My heart's capacity was expanding rapidly. I reached a wonderful realm, and I could see reasons why some practitioners could not advance. I was enlightened to giving up my life for the Fa of the universe. I was able to do that, and saw that for the Buddhas, Taos and gods in the books, there is different Fa at different levels. I became even more steadfast. I would rather leave my home and sleep in the streets than make promises to the evil.

During the last two years, I have been continuously eliminating attachments and letting go of the attachment to life and death. In clarifying the truth to the people of the world, I became more and more resolute, continuously reaching for higher standards. When sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw how I eliminated demons in other dimensions and how the mind directed supernormal abilities to do things. I understood how to "completely oppose everything arranged by the old evil forces." Dafa has given me everything. If I didn't study the Fa and read the book, I wouldn't be able to obtain anything.

Through studying the Fa, I also realized that in order to see the true Fa principles of the universe, we must have a clean mind when studying the Fa. Only when we study the Fa with a pure and clean heart can our true selves be changed. The Teacher said, "other than a person's innate purity and innocence, all notions are acquired postnatally and are not a person's actual self." ("For Whom Do You Exist?") The Teacher asked us to obtain the gong ourselves, and it must be our pure and clean selves. The Teacher said, "Even each Dafa disciple's every move, every action, every word, and even the questions you ponder, none of it is that simple. In the future you'll see that everything was very carefully arranged. But it's not me who arranged this, it's the old forces who did." ("Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.") It is actually quite startling when thinking about it. When studying the Fa, "once your mind wanders off, you'll be studying in vain." Isn't this startling? So when we study the Fa, we must study with a pure heart, so our true selves can obtain the gong. We should cultivate our hearts, always be clear which is the true self, "eliminate the bad thoughts in our minds," and break through the arrangements of the old forces. The only way to do all this is to study the Fa with a pure heart and truly study the Fa thoroughly.

Because Dafa disciples are able to study the Fa diligently and be steadfast to the Fa, they can step out of humanness and not be confused by evil enlightenment. Through studying the Fa, a practitioner can purify his righteous mind and effectively eliminate the evil elements in dimensions that he is responsible for. Through studying the Fa, Dafa disciples are better able to save people of the world. Through studying the Fa, Dafa disciples can completely oppose everything arranged for them by the old evil forces, accelerate the transformation from humans to divine beings, and return to their original true selves.