In line with increasing the depth of truth-clarification and reaching all people, I realized that, besides clarifying the truth and spreading Dafa materials using every chance in everyday life, there is another very good method, which is to visit our close friends, teachers, relatives, and colleagues. We can use our personal experiences obtained in Dafa cultivation to directly tell them the truth about Falun Gong. If we could spend a long enough time doing this, it would give them a chance to have a comprehensive understanding of Falun Gong. Once they have understood the truth, he/she could speak to their friends and relatives. If he/she is influential in society, his/her chance to spread the truth to more people will be greater. Thus, we can allow more people to have a comprehensive understanding of Falun Gong, and allow him/her to better position him/her-self while telling other people the truth of Falun Gong.

We should take this Spring Festival vacation as a good chance to visit friends and relatives, to better pass the truth of Falun Gong on to other people, and to allow people to extricate themselves from the lies made by Jiang Zemin's political gang of malicious individuals.