I obtained the Fa during the 2001 winter vacation. That winter an aunt from Mainland China brought this Fa of the universe to our family. Ever since, the entire family's tempers diminished and our health improved. We learned to speak truthfully, do things truthfully, harbor a compassionate heart, and put others before ourselves.

Our family also practices at the local exercise site, participates in Experience-Sharing Conferences, does hongfa [spreading Dafa] activities, and clarifies the truth to people.

After studying Dafa, we understand that nuisances are tribulations to be overcome, that pains eliminate karma, and one is always able to find the right path amidst confusions. I consider myself lucky to be able to obtain this invaluable Fa of the cosmos. Falun Dafa really is good; it teaches us to become benevolent people whose hearts harbor "Zhen-Shan-Ren." I hope the government of Mainland China will cease their persecution of Dafa practitioners.

Our Master is truly magnificent.

(Shared at the Falun Dafa Winter Camp's young practitioners experience-sharing conference)