Since July 20, 1999, benevolent practitioners in Tianjin City have endured the most evil, vicious persecution. The following are their stories.

  1. Wang Yuncai, 30, male, Dagang Chemical Plant physical education instructor. Because he firmly cultivated Dafa and resisted the evil, Wang was kidnapped in September 2001 and severely tortured. He was illegally sentenced to two years at Banqiao Forced Labor Camp in Dagang.
  2. Qi Xiuming, 34, male, Dagang Chemical Plant Mechanical Division. He solidly cultivated Dafa, but he was betrayed and arrested. Qi was cruelly beaten after a 23-day hunger strike, and is now detained at Jianxin Forced Labor Camp in Tianjin.
  3. Xu Zigao, 17, female, high school student. Because she steadfastly cultivated Dafa she was forced to quit school, and due to police pursuit,was rendered homeless along with her mother. She was unlawfully detained in the Chemical Plant guesthouse for brainwashing. Resisting the evil, Xu went on a hunger strike for 22 days, and her present condition is precarious. Xu's father was also detained, and his situation is still unknown.
  4. Zhang Guoen, 29, male, a specialist in Dagang's China Construction Bank. Because of practicing Dafa he was forced to resign. After going to Beijing to appeal, he was detained and forced to stay in a mental institution, and he is currently being held in Xiqing Forced Labor Camp. At that time his child was only six days old. After a year of forced labor, and because he resisted brainwashing and refused to write a "guarantee document," he was sentenced for another year.
  5. Yu Ying, female, Dagang Chemical Plant technician. Because she firmly clarified the truth, she was dismissed from her job and detained numerous times. Currently she is being held in the Dagang Detention Center, and her present state is unclear.
  6. Li Jinyan, 29, female, Dagang resident. Recently she was unjustly kidnapped from her home. She is currently detained at Dagang Police Substation, leaving behind her one-year-old daughter, who is at home alone.
  7. Fu Xiuyun, mother of Li Jinyan. She was illegally put in forced labor for practicing Dafa. After completing her term, the authorities tried to force her to write a "repentance letter," which she firmly refused. They arrested her and again sent her to Jianxin Forced Labor Camp.
  8. Li Jing, 34, female, Dagang Department Store employee. At work she was forced to attend a brainwashing class. She went on a hunger strike and was later sent to a detention center, where she still cultivated with determination. She was sadistically beaten, suffered numerous forms of torture, and is now detained at Dagang Banqiao Forced Labor Camp. After unrelenting torture, her life is now in peril.
  9. Yang Suping, female, vocational school teacher. She was kidnapped for cultivating Dafa and sentenced to two and a half years in "labor re-education." Presently she is detained in Banqiao Forced Labor Camp.
  10. Bao Guixiang, doctor. He was detained several times for cultivating Dafa and driven to homelessness. At present he is being unlawfully held in Jianxin Forced Labor Camp.

Additionally, Dagang Township has irresponsibly spent the residents' hard-earned money to build a so-called headquarters building solely for the purpose of brainwashing Dafa practitioners. What's more disturbing is that the 17-year old student Xu Zigao is still on a hunger strike, risking her youthful life to protest the evil's unlawful detention.

We hope that all Dafa practitioners who read this article will send forth righteous thoughts to wipe out the evil in Dagang Township, Tianjin City.

We also hope that all benevolent beings will help rescue the kind people of Dagang who are being subjected to this senseless persecution.

Perpetrators' names and phone numbers:

Dagang "610 Office" (an agency created specifically to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems)-- Directors Zhou Xuanping, Liu Hengqi: Cell: 86-13802043848; staff member Li Quanxing: Phone 86-22-63390890; Cell 86-13920299105

Police department switchboard: 86-22-23353992; Head of Political Security Division Yao Jiawang; policeman Wang Dashui; Political Security Division: Phone 86-22-23353922 Ext. 21950

Dagang police substation -- Phone 86-22-62093011; Assistant supervisor Fei

Gangbei police substation

Shengli police substation -- policeman Fei

Yingbin Street police substation -- Phone: 86-22-25990567 (W); policeman Liu Jinyuan: 86-22-63224331 (H), Pager: 86-2595115519