On the evening of December 28, 2001 around 10:30pm, the police in Xinzhou District, Wuhan City started their planned, large-scale illegal round-up of Falun Gong practitioners. A total of 9 practitioners were taken into police custody. Among them, seven were from Chengguan Town, and two were from Cangbu Town. All were abducted and taken into the controlled brainwashing class, and the life in there was no different from a prison.

That evening Chengguan Police Chief Li, deputies Jiang Hanfu and Yang, brought 20 other policemen with them and forcibly broke into the home of Dr. Xu Jianping. Dr. Xu works for the Xinzhou People's Hospital. His family of three were already asleep at that time. The police ransacked his home without any search warrant. They found a practice tape and a few truth clarification flyers. Using this as evidence, the police seized their 3-year-old child from Dr. Xu's wife, Zhu Chunxia. Then five heavyset authority figures dragged her out of their bed clothed in only her pajamas and tossed her into the police car. Dr. Xu was also taken into police custody simply because he tried to reason with them, pointing out that they were arresting people without charges. They left behind a screaming, crying three-year-old child in bed with no one home to take care of him.

What crime did this family of three commit? A three-year-old child witnessed his parents being abducted; the child's disheartening cries could not wake up the long buried conscience of these policemen.

Other practitioners who were abducted include:

1. Zhang Yanrong, a 56 year old female Falun Gong practitioner living in the Xinzhou district of Wuhan city. She had been detained numerous times because of her insistence of her right to practice Falun Gong. That evening while she was sleeping, twenty policemen broke into her home and took her into police custody without any warrant. She and six other practitioners were all sent to the "Liuji Brainwashing Class" that evening around 11pm. Police had already abducted another 18 practitioners; and they took them to that class as well.

2. Wang Shuixiang is a Doctor of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Xinzhou district, Wuhan city. She had many ailments before practicing Falun Gong. All these ailments disappeared after she started practicing Falun Gong in 1998. She has been in good health for the past 3 years.

On December 29, 2001 around 9am, district government officials sent two workers to her home, telling her that she must go to the police station with them. Wang Shuixiang refused to go with them, stating that she did not do anything that broke the law. All of a sudden more than a dozen policemen converged on her and dragged her away. Her clothes were torn off exposing her upper body. They tossed her into the waiting police car, which caused bruising on her left thigh and an injury to her lower back. She was thus abducted into the brainwashing class and lost her personal freedom.

3. Lin Ping lives at Cangbu Town. She got home after she was released from an earlier illegal sentence of labor re-education. That evening, Cangbu police broke into her home and dragged her into the police car. After arriving at the police station, a group of policemen approached her. They started to degrade her after seeing that her upper body was exposed and her clothes had been torn off. Lin Ping yelled out to them, "You are supposed to be people's police. Is this how you treat people?" One of the ruffians named Wang Bolai got mad. He jumped into the police car and started beating her. He screamed to her, "Yes, I'll let you keep saying that! I'll let you keep saying that!" She was forcibly sent to the "Liuji Brainwashing Class."

After learning about the incident, Lin Ping's husband became very angry; and he went to the Cangbu Police Station and the Town government to appeal. He also reported the incident to other government branches. Yet no one took him seriously. Further, they argued baselessly that she took off the clothes herself! All the hoodlums are beyond the reach of the law today, yet Falun Gong practitioners were being treated as prisoners in the brainwashing class. All of them were being forced to write guarantee letters renouncing their faith in Falun Gong. They will not be released until they write one.