In April of 2001, Dafa practitioner Zhao Jucai from Yidu was forcibly held down on the ground, kicked and beaten without cause by guards of Team 5. Later the "Special Police Team" took Zhao to a secret room, shocked his body with an electric baton, threw his head against the wall, etc. Section Chief Yang of the "610 Office" snickered without shame, "We beat you, so what? We make use of loopholes in the law."

In May, the police took Zhang Daowen, a practitioner from Jingshan, to a secret room to be savagely tortured for practicing Falun Gong. Zhang was handcuffed with arms to the back, hung up in the room, and shocked with both large and small electric police batons. When the police got tired, they passed electricity through Zhang's feet, but Mr. Zhang still did not give in. After being tortured for twenty-four hours, his legs and feet were severely swollen. He vomited a lot of blood. On the second day, Mr. Zhang was forced to return to the fields to do hard labor.

Zheng Jinzhang, Dafa practitioner from Jianli, was unlawfully imprisoned in the detention center for going to Beijing in November 1999 and later sent to a labor camp for a year and a half. Because Zheng refused to give up cultivation, the guards often handcuffed him with his arms to the back and threw him onto the ground. They dragged him around with ropes and used various cruel means to humiliate him, such as stuffing yellow mud in his mouth, holding his head under water and putting lit cigarettes into his mouth, etc. He was forced to carry sand bags weighing 100 pounds before and after hard labor. Due to the prolonged physical and mental torture, he sustained serious injuries, and had symptoms of dizziness and anemia. Resolute in his conviction to cultivate Dafa, his detention was illegally extended for half a year after the original sentence had expired, and he was placed into the "strictly supervised team." He was not allowed to sleep during evening and lunch breaks. Prison guards often brutally beat him and also incited other criminals to torture, curse and ridicule him.

Yang Yansen, Dafa practitioner from Shiyan, was cruelly tortured for refusing to write a "pledge" to give up practicing Falun Gong. Though his body was badly burned from electric shock torture, he still refused to write the "pledge."

In the "strictly supervised team," police with electric batons in hand coerced practitioners to undergo "training." Wu Zhi'an, practitioner from Baoxia Town of Yun County, was not well and couldn't endure the "training." He was taken to the duty room and shocked with electric baton from head to foot.

Dafa practitioner Li Binghua was brutally beaten by the police and his right leg became swollen and stiff from electric shock torture. There were wounds and bloodstains all over his body. It became very difficult for him to take care of himself. The evil police still forced him to take medicine and recite "regulations," etc. He also was often subjected to various inhuman treatments - cursed, humiliated, and punched and kicked by the criminals, and his hands scalded with boiling water, etc.

The above is a mere sampling of the atrocities in Shayang Labor Camp. We ask for kind people's attention to the numerous incidents of human rights violation in China, to stop the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin's gang and to demand the immediate release of all detained innocent Falun Gong practitioners.