Zhang, an evil policeman from the Police Station in Hongye Village, Bangbu City, Anhui Province, was searching for and arresting Dafa practitioners. He madly broke into the home of a practitioner and exclaimed, "You claim that persecuting Falun Gong will result in retribution, well, I haven't seen any of that yet!" Within a week after saying this, he jumped out of a car and killed himself, believing that the vehicle was going to have an accident.

A Dafa practitioner's 7-year-old child, when returning home from school, fell while trying to get onto the bus. His palm was run over by a van that had the capacity to carry 17 passengers, yet he was not injured.

Lu Qimao, former Deputy Head of the Police Department in Baise City, persecuted Dafa practitioners. He died in a car accident on January 18.

Qiao Linghuai, the Head of the Police Station in Anzhai Town, Hebei Province, frequently sent his accomplice to illegally break into a practitioner's home and to arrest Dafa practitioners. As a result, he became so sick that he now has to remain in bed.

Niu Xinzhen, an immoral individual who lives on Erdao Street in Jingshantun District, did everything he could to persecute Dafa practitioners. He had two accidents. Once, he ended up burning himself after he drove his relative's car and crashed. The second time, in the summer of 2001, he drove a motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol and got into an accident. One of his eyes was seriously injured.

Deng Jie, the head of the No. 59 Group Community Administration Office in Yonghong District, Jiamusi City, reported Dafa practitioners' names to the authorities. Soon after, he was informed that he had cancer. He stayed at home because he couldn't afford to go to a hospital, and recently died a painful death.

A truth clarification poem appeared on the market building in my neighborhood. Some believed it was good, and some did not make any comments about it. There was an old woman who was deceived by the government propaganda on TV and defamed Dafa. Two days later, the muscles in her feet became extremely swollen, to the point that she couldn't walk, put on her shoes or go to work.

Last summer, a retired government official in Hebei Province went to visit her nephew's wife, who was a Dafa practitioner detained in a brainwashing class. She did things that helped evildoers, and criticized Dafa practitioners. Later, as a result, this individual fell down on her back at home and got a bump on the back of her head the size of an apple. She still had the bump even after over 20 days of treatment in the county hospital.