February 5, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) For over a year, the Xishanping Forced Labor Camp at Beipei District, Chongqing City has instigated criminals detained at the labor camp to beat and torture Dafa practitioners. The Education Squadron (1st Squadron of the 7th Brigade) and the Agriculture Squadron (1st Squadron of the 8th Brigade) have produced numerous tragic episodes. Below is an account of the situation in Xishanping Forced Labor Camp.

In December 2001, the Xishan Forced Labor Camp put nearly a hundred Dafa practitioners originally detained at several squadrons into the Education Brigade. They separated those practitioners whom they thought were difficult to control into several different squadrons within the brigade.

At the beginning of April 2001, 6 practitioners were transferred to the Agriculture Squadron. On April 25, 2001, the second anniversary of the "4.25" event where Dafa practitioners went to Beijing to peacefully appeal for Falun Gong, practitioners shouted, "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! We are against the persecution!" when they were gathered together. Guard Huang Fangfu then used a baton to beat several practitioners on the head. He also handcuffed practitioners Li Zetao and Zhou Jian to a window for more than 10 hours. On April 27, because Li Zetao walked a little bit too slowly at the meal line, a supervisor beat him. Zhou Jian and Wang Zhande stood up to stop the beating, and Huang Fangfu once again handcuffed the 3 practitioners to windows for two days and two nights. He used a baton to violently beat the practitioners on the head. As result, Wang Zhande's left eye started bleeding and swelled up. The eye kept bleeding for over a week, and his eyesight declined noticeably.

An organized effort at brainwashing began at the end of May 2001.

Dafa practitioner Li Zetao, male, 24 years old, was tortured to death. Because he had the courage to stand up to resist the evil and to validate Dafa, Du Jun, the former head of the Agriculture Squadron (currently the head of the 8th Brigade) incited drug addict inmates to torture him day and night. Starting on May 29, Li Zetao was forced to carry human feces during the day. At night, he was not allowed to rest but instead physically beaten and mentally tortured. They folded a newspaper into a hat and put it on his head, tied his two arms to a stick to form a straight line, and hung a barrel full of urine on each of his arms. At the same time, they poked him in the back with a broom. They punched and kicked him while verbally abusing him. They wrote words cursing Dafa and Teacher on his stomach, trying to force him to shout slogans that cursed Dafa and Teacher. They even tried to force him to smoke and to write the so-called "3 letters." [Repentance letter, Promise not to practice Falun Gong, Letter Denouncing Falun Gong] Huang Zhongzhi even inserted a paring knife into his anus and shook it around. Li screamed out in pain, but the guards simply ignored him. Li Zetao then went on hunger strike to protest. Meanwhile, he was still forced to perform heavy labor. On the morning of June 2, he was forced to carry wooden trunks. Because of exhaustion from the forced labor and the torture, he fell from the second floor, landing headfirst. Li Zetao died before he reached the hospital. He was only 24 years old.

Li's family members and relatives were not notified during the autopsy. Officials only notified his family members to pick up his ashes after cremating Li's body. The police tried to cover up the truth and claimed that Li's death was caused by accidentally falling down during work.

The main culprits responsible for Li's death are Huang Zhongzhi, Liu Shunchun, and Wang Qingping.

On the morning of May 30, male practitioner Zhang Peisheng, around 50 years old, employee at a hospital in Nanan District, Chongqing City, was led to a deserted area in a mountain. Policeman Hu Yuyin, the head of the 9th section of the Agriculture Squadron, under the direction of Squadron Supervisor Du Jun, ordered criminals to beat Zhang Peisheng with clubs, trying to force him to write the so-called "3 letters".

Later, Du Jun and Hu Yuyin intensified the torture. In the afternoon, Hu Yuyin brought practitioner Zhou Jian (male, about 45 years old, from Tongnan County, Chongqing City) up to the mountain. He forced Zhou to turn over a mound of dung repeatedly. Hu also ordered four club-wielding drug abusers from the labor camp to supervise Zhou. He threatened, "Write the 3 letters immediately. Otherwise, even if you are beaten to death, we will say that you tried to escape, and we will dig a hole to bury you in."

The inmates continuously hit Zhou on the rear with their wooden clubs. They said that Zhou worked too slowly, so two of them took Zhou by the arms and pulled him to a big tree. Facing to the tree, Zhou's two arms were pulled to the side by the two criminals. While his body was pressed up against the tree, the other inmates took turns hitting him. When one stick broke in half, they found an even thicker one and beat him relentlessly.

At the beginning, police Hu Yuyin simply watch the beating. Later, after seeing that Zhou did not give in, he came at Zhou with a hoe. While ferociously cursing Zhou, he used the hoe to hit Zhou's rear and thighs. Zhou Jian screamed in pain, and his legs were covered with bruises and lacerations. His pants were soaked with blood, and his wounds did not heal for nearly a month. The swelling did not go down until after more than two months. Those who participated in the beating were Zhang Nongmin, Yuan Lin, Zhang Guangli and Hu Yuyin.

On the evening of May 31, under the direct orders of Du Jun, inmate leaders Gou Changhua, Yuan Lin, Han Jizhi, Jin Hua, and Wang Qingping utilized various torture methods on the practitioners. They used their knowledge of torture from their days as gangsters on practitioners. On that night, five practitioners were not allowed to go to bed. They were only allowed to stand or bend at the waist at a 90-degree angle. The inmates beat practitioner Zhou Jian and caused him to bleed from his mouth. On the morning of June 1, Zhou's hands were tied behind his back with one hand over the shoulder and the other hand against the lower back, in a position called "carrying a sword in the back." At the same time, they forced him to stand while bowing at 90 degrees and suspended a large metal pail from his neck with wire. They kept putting more water into the pail, causing more and more suffering. If the pail touched the ground, they would hit Zhou on the ankles. They also beat him while interrogating him. They tortured him this way for over an hour. The wire dug deeply into his flesh, and the impression left by it remained for more than ten days. Zhou also lost feeling in his neck, face and ears for more than a month. Those who participated in this beating were Zhao Pinyi, Jin Hua, Chen Zhiping, Ye Yuchun and Tang Rensong.

In the afternoon of May 30, while performing forced labor, practitioner Zhang Zhiqiang, (male, 26 years old, from Tongnan county) requested to report to the squadron head that practitioner Li Zetao was beaten by the cellmates. However, Zhang himself was beaten violently by inmate Tao Jianping on the spot. Tao threw him down and proceeded to punch and kick him. Zhang bled profusely from injuries to his mouth. The guards present just let it go and would not stop the assault. Zhang Zhiqiang demanded to know why the guards did not stop the beating. Policeman Zhang Anming said, "Who beat you? None of us saw it." He then handcuffed Zhang Zhiqiang to an iron window bar. On the night of May 31, inmates tied Zhang Zhiqiang's hands together and hung him up, with his toes barely touching the ground. They used wooden sticks to hit his ankles, trying to force him to write the "3 letters." Inmate Li Jinyu punched Zhang in the throat repeatedly, causing him to be unable to speak. In the morning of June 1, inmates Li Jinyu and Sun Wenyi once again hung Zhang Zhiqiang up in the middle of the cell, with his toes barely touching the ground. Another inmate Xie Jin poured scalding water into a cup and pressed it against Zhang's left armpit. When the cup cooled down, he would refill it with hot water and burn him at the same spot. As a result, Zhang had a painful blister the size a goose egg. The wounds festered and became filled with pus, and they did not heal until four months later.

Practitioner Gu Jiushou, male, 63 years old, retired engineer from Chongqing University, was denied sleep for several consecutive days. Inmate Zhu Ruiyun used a thin rope to tie his hands and arms up tightly for more than half an hour, trying to force him to write the "3 letters." Inmate Liao Yingkui smeared some liquid into his eyes, causing them to water continuously. When the squadron supervisor came to the cell door, Gu Jiushou said, "The inmates set up a torture chamber right before policemen's eyes, why are you ignoring it?" After giving an irrelevant answer, Du Jun turned around and left. The police are clearly encouraging the inmates' behavior.

Police Hu Yuyin beat practitioners personally in addition to instigating inmates to torture practitioners. On the night of May 31, he supervised the violent brainwashing and gave orders to inmates to torture practitioners. From time to time, he told the cellmates how to torture practitioners or delivered snacks such as melon seeds to the inmates. He even asked the kitchen to deliver steamed buns to those inmates participating in the violent persecution as encouragement.

Supervisor Du Jun rewarded those inmates with praise and reduction of their sentences. Du Jun himself was also promoted to be the head of the 8th Brigade.

In the afternoon of May 31, when Xishan Forced Labor Camp Director Long and Forced Education Section Supervisor Tian went to the Agriculture Squadron for inspection, practitioner Li Zetao was being beaten and tortured by the inmates. Li ran out of the cell to report that cellmates were beating him, but Tian replied, "You deserve it, you deserve it!"

More than three months after these events occurred, the Xishanping Internal Affairs Department at Beipei District investigated the forced labor camp. However, the investigation did not come up with anything definitive.