(Clearwisdom.net) French Dafa practitioners made a New Year's greeting card with the photo of 36 Western practitioners appealing on Tiananmen Square and mailed it to people of all walks of life who had contacted practitioners or supported Falun Gong. Replies from many government officials, including the French President and Prime Minister, and people of all circles were received. The New Year's greeting card from the French President was posted on Clearwisdom.net (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/2/11/18630.html)

Followings are greeting cards from other people.

  1. French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin
  2. Lionel Jospin

    Thanks you for your greetings

    And sends you his most sincere best wishes

    For a happy 2002 new year

  3. French Foreign Affairs Minister Hubert Vedrine
  4. Hubert Vedrine

    Foreign Affairs Minister

    Presents to you his thanks,

    His most sincere best wishes,

    And all the best for the year


  5. MP Patrick Bloche
  6. Patrick Bloche

    Deputy of Paris (11th-12th)

    Paris Councillor and of the 11th riding

    Wishes you and yours his best wishes for 2002, that each one lives well, and that we live better together.

    Loyally and amicably to you,

  7. MP and Mayor Etienne Pinte of City of Versailles
  8. City of Versailles Etienne Pinte

    Deputy Mayor

    Thank you for your wishes by which I was very moved.

    That the New Year may bring you health and joy for you and for those who are dear to you.

    Wish you all the best.

  9. Mayor's Assistant Michel Le Carreras of City of Compiegne
  10. Michel le Carrér s

    Mayor's Assistant

    Delegate for sanitary and social affairs

    Thank you for your wishes and wishing you full success in your endeavours.

    Good and Happy New Year 2002

    To all.


  11. Mayor's Assistant Jean-Yves Cavallini of City of Levallois
  12. Jean-Yves Cavallini

    Mayor's Assistant

    Delegate for economic development and employment

    Thanks you, and presents you his most sincere wishes for the year 2002

  13. Chairman of Human Rights League in Rhone
  14. (Quote on Left) áMen are born and remain free and equal in rightsá

    Human Rights League

    Federation of Rh ne

    Presents you their best wishes for the year 2002

    A year of Justice and Happiness for All!

    (reverse side)

    Best Wishes for this New Year -- That Human Rights make progress in China.

    That Truth-Benevolence-Tolerance will open a bright future for you.


    The greeting card that the practitioners sent