(Clearwisdom.net) The truth-clarifying video CD with vivid pictures is an effective way to expose the persecution, so when I planned to make some CD's to distribute, a practitioner mailed me one. While I was reading the CD on the computer, I found that it was somehow a little scratched, and the file of "Tiananmen Self-Immolation" could not be copied to the hard drive. The computer was unable to read the data on the CD and froze when I tried to copy the file. I tried it on five other computers and still it would not work. I tried to copy it directly to another CD several times, but an error message popped up and the process was terminated.

Because of the evil forces' persecution, getting another CD was very difficult. If the original CD could not be used, then my idea of distributing truth-clarifying CD's would end up in vain. One should look inside whenever one meets with a problem, but as I had been righteous, the interference must have come from the old, evil forces. So I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil elements that interfered and damaged the copying of the CD.

I burned another CD, and the same error message came up and the process was again terminated. The original CD also popped out. Later I knew that the file was so badly damaged that it could not be used any more. Then to my surprise, the copied CD had the file on it. It could be used as an original one, and the copying went very smoothly and successfully. There are even some new pictures and functions on it, which did not exist on the original. It also had better picture quality than the original.

This CD is indeed a miracle created by sending forth righteous thoughts. I made many truth-clarifying CD's using this copy.