1. Verdict Reduced From 12 Years to 6 Months

Uncle Yi is 66 years old, and because of practicing Falun Gong, his face is radiant and only looks a little over 50. In July 2001, the police illegally ransacked his house and forcibly detained him. He was tried a few months later. The judge said: "You should be sentenced to twelve years in prison, but considering you are a veteran revolutionary, the verdict is lowered to 8 years." Uncle Yi was full of righteous thoughts and said: "I have not committed any crime!" He then used the wisdom created by Dafa to bring up much evidence and further clarify the truth. There was no verdict from the first trial. A second trial was scheduled a short time later. The judge said: "You are sentenced to 6 months." Uncle Yi answered: "I committed no crime, why am I being sentenced to 6 months? I will appeal!" The judge then answered: "Never mind, to appeal you will need to wait until next year, and since we have already detained you for four or five months, your sentence will be up shortly. There is no point in locking you up for a few more months. Thus, Uncle Yi left the evil's den and returned to the stream of Fa-Rectification.

2. A Small Episode:

Because Uncle Yi was extremely righteous in his thoughts, actions, and Fa rectification, everyone, whether they were the practitioners in the prison, criminals or prison staff, liked to listen to the stories and principles of his cultivation. Because of that, many people were being saved. When the date of his release from prison arrived, he did not want to leave, but wanted instead to stay and help save more people. The evil ones saw what was happening and were scared. Originally, they intended to "transform" Uncle Yi, but what they did not expect was that so many people would be transformed by him instead. They told Uncle Yi: "Your family is looking for you outside, hurry up." After Uncle Yi went outside, they quickly closed the door. Just like that, Uncle Yi was deceived into leaving the prison.