Falun Dafa practitioner Song Yuegang, male, 22, is from Benxi, Liaoning Province. He was kidnapped in November 2000, and without due process of law, was sent to the Benxi City Labor Camp, where has been detained to this date.

Because Song Yuegang firmly believes in Falun Dafa, he has suffered severe beatings and torture from police in the forced labor camp. Even Wu Gang, the Vice President of the camp, has beaten him in person, beating him severely with an electric baton. Song Yuegang has not cooperated with any of their unreasonable requests or demands, or any of their evil conduct. He spoke out at the "Expose and Criticize" meeting organized by the labor camp, shouting out boldly "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance! The Law of the Universe!" and hence suffered numerous cruel punishments. He was kept in a "small cell" with both hands cuffed behind his back for 28 days, resulting in both wrists turning black, but he didn't give in. During detention, he refused to wear the prisoner's uniform, go out to drill or accept illegal overwork. Instead, he continued to practice the Falun Dafa exercises. Facing Song Yuegang's unshakable firm belief in Falun Dafa, the police took him to the "Stretching Room" and kept him there for as long as half a month with both his hands and feet in the air. During this time, the police wouldn't even leave him alone, and tortured him for as long as three to four days on end. His face became misshapen as a result, and the sound of the electric baton was clearly heard even outside the room. His clothes were soiled with blood and mud left by the police who kicked him, and they eventually became black and discolored. Even so, Song Yuegang cried out loudly, "Falun Dafa is only good!" as the evil police took turns beating him severely. In the end the police couldn't find any way to change him and left resentfully.

But the labor camp police didn't drop the idea forever. Because they found that both their physical and mental means of torture had failed to change Song Yuegang's heart, they illegally extended his sentence by a half-year, trying to detain Song Yuegang for an indefinite length of time. At this point Song Yuegang has been illegally detained for a year and three months. At the time when his one-year term of illegal detention had been reached, he was not released by the authority. Instead, they still kept him in detention for an unlimited term.

Jiang Zili, The President of Benxi City Labor Camp, Chen Zhongwei, the Commissar, and Wu Gang, the Vice President, have been using violence and unlimited detention terms in an attempt to devastate Falun Dafa practitioners. Even after incidents in which severe bodily injury occurred to Falun Dafa practitioners, they still failed to repent of their crimes, but kept up with their persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners.

We appeal to all kind-hearted people in the world to please pay attention to the plight of Falun Dafa practitioner Song Yuegang, and help resolve the serious issue of his being detained for an unlimited term.

Evil Criminals:

Benxi City Labor Camp: Main Switchboard 86-0414-4512310

Vice President: Wu Gang 86-0414-4512310 ext. 101, Cell 86-1390414900

Commissar: Chen Zhongwei 86-13604147866 (Cell)