- Since 1999, the Jiujiang City Police Department in Jiangxi Province has followed the Jiang regime closely in persecuting Dafa practitioners. At the beginning of December 2001, head of the Political and Security section Peng Jinsheng was sent to Wuning County to coordinate the persecution against Dafa practitioners there. As soon as he arrived, he died of a sudden illness.

- Chen Wuyou, a person from Luowan Township of Pengzhou City in Sichuan Province, taunted Dafa practitioners, "I'll put you into Pengzhou Detention Center for one month someday and see whether you still practice or not." Three days later, Chen Wuyou was injured in a car crash and hospitalized for more than one month.

- Liu Yingxuan, the village head of Luowang Township of Pengzhou City in Sichuan Province, forbade his wife to practice Falun Gong for fear of losing his job. He burned all of his wife's Dafa books and tried to turn in other Dafa practitioners. Three months later, he lost his position as the village head anyway.

- Liu Tao, male, 40 years old, was Deputy Head of the Judicial Department of Jiebei Township, Mengyin County of Shandong province. One day in 2001, he slandered Dafa when he saw a poster that read, "Dafa is good." Several days later, he broke his leg while drinking and horsing around with friends.

- Zhao Jiuchang, a villager from Yangcao team of Yanshu Township, Dehui City, Jilin Province, was hired for 200 Yuan [about one month of average income in rural China] to erase Dafa slogans. When other villagers told him not to do this, Zhao would not listen and said, "I don't believe in anything you said. Let's see if I die." Three days later, he met retribution and died from a cerebral hemorrhage. His wife said sadly, "My husband was so foolish. He didn't listen to me and insisted on earning that 200 Yuan. He didn't learn a lesson from the previous retribution, and this time he paid with his life."

- Policeman Yu Chuanqiang from Dafangshen Township Police Station of Dehui City, Jilin Province arrested two Dafa practitioners for distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials and sent them to a detention center. In the spring of 2001, he met retribution when he was injured by an axe blow to the back of his head while at Lishu Village.

- Xu, a resident of Jidangou Village, Dafangshen Township of Dehui City in Jilin Province, pulled down and destroyed Dafa banners in January 2001. A couple of months later, his left nipple suddenly swelled up. It got worse and worse, festering and running with pus, which caused him unbearable pain. This ordeal also cost him a lot of money in medical treatment. His son pulled down Dafa banners hanging in the trees by the roadside several times, and the Xu family were seen making these banners into reins for their horse. Before long, their horse suddenly died for no apparent reason, and their house was also robbed twice. In May 2001, his son was detained for fighting with others at work, which again cost the family a lot of money. His wife was puzzled by all these incidents, and when she eventually understood that they resulted from her husband's actions against Dafa, she was overcome with regret.

- Yuan Zengu, the person in charge of the "610 Office" at Shahe City, Hebei Province and active participant in the persecution against Dafa practitioners, fell ill for no apparent reason. Fearing that others would view it as retribution, he didn't dare to go to the hospital. Currently, his wife has begun divorce proceedings because of an extramarital affair he had.

- Jia Qifang is the leader of the Political and Security Section of in Shahe City Police Department, Hebei Province. He has sent many Dafa disciples to forced labor camps and extorted money and property from their families without giving receipts. Since last May, Jia has been hospitalized a number of times. Even though he is out of the hospital right now, he is still heavily dependent on medication.