(Clearwisdom.net) In July 2000, my mother and I walked into Tiananmen Square for the purpose of Fa rectification and to clarify the truth of the universe. Upon arrival, we saw that policemen were placed all around the square, and several police vans were patrolling it. We began to practice Falun Dafa exercises under the national flag on the square. In less than a minute, the plain-clothed policemen pushed us into a van and we were taken to the Front Gate Police Station, 2nd Department.

The police detained us in a single cell along with other Falun Dafa practitioners. Those bad officers would curse loudly, and kick the handcuffed practitioners all the time. The next morning another group of Falun Dafa practitioners was arrested, and forcibly brought to the same location, where they too were illegally detained with the rest of us. When they first arrived, the vicious police slapped their faces one by one without any regard to whether they were seniors or young children.

We started to recite "Hong Yin" and Teacher's articles in unison. They were shocked by the power of strong righteous thoughts and gloomily left, unable to stop us from our recitation. Because our righteous thoughts deterred the police, we exchanged experiences with our fellow practitioners, who came from all over China. At noon we were sent to various jails in different groups. My mother and I were sent to Changping District 13th Jail, in the City of Beijing.

The police began to interrogate me, using many methods in an attempt to make me reveal my name and address. I told them, "My name is 'Falun Dafa practitioner' and I come from the universe." They were so flustered and exasperated that they tried to force me to step on Master's picture. I said this was a huge crime and I would not step on Master's picture, as it would be an insult to Master and to Buddha. Because I continued to refuse, three young men drug me by my arms and legs and attempted to make my feet move onto Master's picture which was lying on the ground, however, I used all my strength and foiled their attempt.

For a few days following this event I, along with several other practitioners, went on hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. Because we refused to eat, we were sent to a mental hospital to be force-fed with milk. At that time, there were more than ten practitioners who were force-fed including my mother and myself.

When the police saw that we stood firmly by our beliefs and could not be influenced by anything they escalated their persecution using a wide range of many torture methods. They used electricity to torture those of us who were said to be the "unyielding ones," including my mother and me. We set aside our thoughts of life or death, and firmly endured the pain with our indestructible willpower, with the thought "To live with no pursuits, To die with no regrets; . . ."(from "Non-existence" in Master Li's Hong Yin.)

They took me to a cell where there were two beds and forced me to lie on one of them. They tied my arms and legs to the frame bars of the bed, and stuck a needle with a metal rod into my left arm and attached another pole to my left leg, thus making a full circuit for the electrical current. When they turned on the electricity, I didn't know if they were changing the level of intensity by increasing the current or frequency, but I felt severe cramping and pain from the electrical current, and even now continue to feel a sensation of pins and needles. They tried to persuade me by saying, "why do you chose to suffer like this? Just tell us your address and you can go back home!" They would continue to torture me with the electricity for a while, then they would turn it off for a while to try and persuade me to cooperate. They continued this alternating method of torture for over thirty minutes. At the time, I noticed that I had no feeling in my left arm and left leg, and my whole body turned black, as dark as iron. On the way back to the cell, I tried to encourage other practitioners by loudly saying, "Actually electric torture is a piece of cake." The police heard this, became extremely angry, slapped my face and then encircled me, trapping me in a corner, and beat me. The policemen in the 13th Department persecuted all practitioners in this manner.

As far as I know, a new group of Falun Dafa practitioners are abducted every other week. Under the huge pressure of evil, and extreme and intense torture, we were forced to reveal our addresses and sent back home. Kind hearted and people of the world, please think of how many Falun Dafa practitioners have suffered through this torture. As a nation's organization, the jail is meant to detain criminals, but now the jail is being utilized to torture compassionate Falun Dafa practitioners, all of whom are unarmed people, peacefully appealing with compassion. Some are even the same people who raised these policemen.

When we were released to our homes, the local police detained us further at the detention center. I had been waiting for my college to locate a job for me. When I heard the company had located a job, I was overcome by my attachments and the guard took advantage of this weak moment, and coerced us to write a pledge denouncing Falun Dafa. At that moment I only wanted to get out of detention and go to work. However, in just a few days, we regretted our actions and understood how we allowed the evil to utilize our attachments and interfere, rather than maintaining a firm resolve and assimilating ourselves and everything around us into the Fa. We made a request to get our pledge back and told them the pledge had been made under duress and against our free will, but they refused to return our pledges to us. Now my mother and I solemnly state that our pledges are invalid and we want to make up for the bad influence that we caused to Falun Dafa.