January 24, 2002


On September 1, 2001, police officers Xing Huimin and Wang Mingjiang from Xingongdi Police Station arrested practitioner Jia Jie. The head of the political security section of the Tiefeng police station, whose last name is Cheng, and two thugs interrogated and tortured Jia and then sent her to Qiqihar's 2nd Detention Center.

In the 2nd detention center, practitioners Pan Hongdong, Li Zhenzhong and Li Bo were detained past their scheduled Novemeber release dates so they appealed to the Chief Lin Yonggui. After Lin rejected their request, the three practitioners went on hunger strike. Prison doctor Sun Weichen and other policemen force fed them and tied Li Bo to the "Death Bed" (Note: A special torture that tied a person on a board at a fixed position with no movement possible for a long time). Sun and other vicious policemen forcibly inserted tubes into Li Bo's nose to force-feed him and put Li Bo in so much pain that he couldn't stop loudly crying out.

In support of Li Bo, two other women practitioners, Pan Hongdong and Li Zhenzhong, first requested to talk to Chief Lin face to face and asked him to stop the persecution. Lin refused to talk to them. Seeing no other options, female practitioners went on hunger strike to appeal to Chief Lin. After 4 days of hunger strike, police Lu Zhengguo told them that Chief Lin was going to talk to them, and rounded up Wen Jie, An Jingtao and Zhang Shuzhe. The three practitioners were led away and then were separated. Wen Jie was taken to officer Yan's office and beaten badly by Chief Lin, leaving wounds all over her body. She was also shackled such that her arms, hands and feet were chained together behind her back. She was then suspended in an excruciating position and later force-fed a mixture of cornstarch, salt and water.

Zhang Shuzhe was taken to chief Sun's office. Sun asked Zhang whether she wanted to eat or not. Zhang answered, "If you stop persecuting Dafa practitioners, I would go back to eating." Sun then asked several criminal inmates assisting him to shackle Zhang Shuzhe as was done to Wen Jie, above. An Jingtao was also shackled for continuing her hunger strike. The vicious thugs force-fed the three, inserting plastic tubes into their esophagi through their noses and ordering the criminals assisting them to twist the tubes around and cause the practitioners excruciating pain. Some of those who remained in the group cell, Jia Jie, Zhao Hezhi, Chu Li and others heard the painful cries and asked Chief Lin to stop the torture. Lin entered their cell and threatened, "I would continue to beat them even if I could be charged with a crime." Zhao Hezhi was struck on the chest, falling heavily to the ground. Jia Jie's front tooth was knocked loose, her nose and lips swollen and bleeding. Chief Lin wouldn't let her go, grabbing her hair to knock her down and kick her. Shi Shufang grabbed Lin's foot, making him so angry that he kicked Shi Shufang's ribcage. Practitioner Feng Yanqin, who was formerly party secretary of disciplinary committee in a newspaper, also had a bunch of her hair torn out.

Practitioners Wen Jie, Chu Li, Li Xingya, Su Yan, Gong Haiou, Han Weidong, Li Huifeng, Wang Weihua and Wang Yudong were sentenced in Jianhua District Court to 9 years, 4 years, 10 years, 8 years, 10 years, 8 years, 12 years, 4 years and 10 years respectively. A total of 11 practitioners were sentenced. Dafa practitioners felt they were not guilty and decided to appeal but the court refused to consider them, conjuring up false excuses even though they knew it was wrong to do so.. They even recorded that the "defendants agree with their sentences" on the conviction notices. On January 16, the 11 practitioners, refusing to have their pictures taken, were brutally beaten again.

We call upon practitioners in Qiqihar to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces there.