(Clearwisdom.net) On August 21, 2001, the 4th brigade of Handan City Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province set up a "specially managed brigade." The leaders in the police station gathered about 60 practitioners who had apparently given up their belief in Falun Gong. However, after the Falun Gong practitioners were gathered together, they exchanged views, discussed, and progressed in half a day. Before dinner time, about 98% of these practitioners expressed their determination to continue practicing Falun Gong. This action frightened those leaders. They quickly disbanded the "specially managed brigade" the next day to avoid potential problems. All the practitioners were escorted back to their original brigades for further forced brainwashing. This show of determination by practitioners and the ensuing intensification of the persecution by police enforcers began on August 23 was later called the "August Storm" by the camp administrators and police brigade chiefs.

On August 23, 2001, the police team leader from the first brigade, Wu Feng, gathered all of the police enforcers to discuss the plan to start another round of persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. They wrote some slogans to attack Master and Falun Gong, and put them up on the walls of every unit. Meanwhile, the police officers ordered all the inmates to stop working and instead shout out these slogans while brutally torturing practitioners with wooden clubs, boards and leather belts. Practitioners remained steadfast and withstood the misery. Practitioners Bu Zhanmeng (55 years old), Shi Zhimin (65 years old), Yan Jinling, Li Pinghua were beaten so badly that cuts and bruises covered their bodies. They could not move. But when it was time to work, the police team leaders still ordered practitioners to be put on flat boards and carted to the work site. The police team leaders did not send doctors to treat the practitioners' injuries and wounds, nor did they allow the practitioners to rest or see their families.

On August 23, 2001, the vicious police in the 4th brigade started to torture practitioners. They ordered the inmates to beat practitioners with rubber clubs. The police recharged the electric batons and took practitioners to the brigade's office to brutally beat them.

The 5th brigade was even more vicious. Practitioner Qin Zhongke was an engineer in Handan City's Steel Plant. He is over 60 years old. In the labor camp, he was very firm in his belief and never gave in to the vicious forces. Later, he was send to Fushun City Forced Labor Camp in Dalian City to be further persecuted. Afterwards, in a meeting, because Qin shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" the local police beat him until he lay on the ground motionless. Under this situation, he signed the "written statement to give up practicing." He later was taken back by Handan City Forced Labor Camp, but he said that he would continue practicing. The police officers arranged for eight inmates in the "entry discipline brigade" to monitor him. He lost all his personal freedoms.

In the winter of 2001, practitioner Yang Baochun persisted in practicing Falun Gong exercises in the "entry discipline brigade." The brigade chief ordered some hoodlums to brutally beat him, but Yang Baochun still kept saying, "Dafa is good" and continued the practice every day. The police team leaders then forced Yang to take off his coat and stay outside in the cold snow and ice in his long sleeved shirt and long underwear. Even so, Yang Baochun continued practicing in the yard everyday. In the end, his legs were severely frostbitten. After the police chief in this brigade got permission from the labor camp administration, they then sent Yang to a hospital where one of his legs was amputated and he became disabled. After Yang was released from the hospital, the vicious police sent him to a mental hospital to be tortured. To shirk the responsibility, the leaders of the forced labor camp and the training and discipline brigade twisted the facts, which were reported on TV, claiming that "Yang became insane from practicing Falun Gong, and finally damaged his legs during freezing weather, one of which had to be amputated. So they had to send him to the mental hospital."

Falun Gong practitioner Ren Mengjun, 40 years old, was a Shahe City resident. In the same labor camp, he was beaten beyond his body's breaking point. It wasn't until he had blood in his urine and stool that he was sent home. He passed away several days later. After his death, his belly bulged very high.

Justice will be done. The crimes these vicious people have committed in Handan City Forced Labor Camp during the course of the persecution of Dafa and Falun Gong practitioners will not be tolerated any further by heaven or earth. Their retribution is approaching.

At the time of this writing, about 100 practitioners are still illegally detained in this labor camp. We hope all kind-hearted people will offer your support. We appeal to the international human rights organizations, and all righteous people from all walks of life to pay attention to this matter and to support us.


List of the vicious people's names and telephone numbers:

Hebei Province Handan City Forced Labor Camp's telephone numbers are011-86-310-4010158 and 011-86-310-4010957;

Chief of the labor camp Zheng Guixiu's office telephone number is 011-86-310-4010707, ext, 8001; his cellular phone number is 011-86-138-0329-3068;

Deputy chief, Luo Mingquan's office telephone number is 011-86-310-4010707, ext, 8005; his cellular phone number is 011-86-139-0330-2753;

The education department head, Ma Jianzhen's office telephone number is 011-86-310-4010707, extension, 8106;

Chief of politics department office telephone number is 011-86-310-4010707, extension, 8102;

The first brigade's office telephone number is 011-86-310-4010707, extension 8301;

The second brigade's office telephone number is 011-86-310-4010707, extension of 8302;

The 4th brigade's office telephone number is 011-86-310-4010707, extension 8303;

The 5th brigade's office telephone number is 011-86-310-4010707, extension 8305;

The entry discipline brigade's telephone number is 011-86-310-4010707, extension 8310;

Xingzhi brigade office telephone number is 011-86-310-4010707, extension 8307.

January 23, 2002