Yinmahe Labor Camp, Jiutai

During the 2001 New Year celebrations, all the forced labor camps in Changchun were packed with recently arrested Falun Gong practitioners. As a result, two new women's divisions, Division 5 and Division 6, were established on February 8th at Yinmahe Labor Camp at Jiutai. More than three hundred practitioners were detained there, and thirty-six brainwashing personnel were sent there from Changchun.

I was sent to Jiutai in mid-February, 2001, and I was forced to write statements renouncing Falun Gong right after I arrived there. Anyone who did not write these statements would be deprived of sleep, and the police would take turns trying to brainwash her. In addition, she would be forced to stand for long periods of time facing the wall in a dark, cold hallway, and not allowed to move or sleep. Even meals had to be brought to her by others. Some practitioners were forced to stand for more than twenty days. The practitioners' legs became swollen, and they could barely stand. However, Dafa disciples still held their righteous belief in Dafa. Here, I would like to share the story of Dafa disciple Wang Yin.

One day in April, division director Yu Li saw Wang Yin reading some of Teacher's articles. She grabbed the article, and brought Wang to the office, demanding to know where the articles came from. Yin realized such articles should never fall into the hands of the police. Using her wisdom, she asked to see the articles for a moment; as soon as she had them, she swallowed them. Yu ordered several officers, including guards Song, Qu, Jin, Zhang, Wang as well as officer Wang and Zhang to torture Yin. They took turns shocking Yin with electric batons. Beating and cursing could be heard from outside the office. While torturing Yin, they also brought other determined Falun Gong practitioners to the office to show them how Yin was tortured to use as a threat. We saw that Yin's head, face and body were burned black and blistered by the electricity. This torture lasted more than two hours, but Yin did not give in. Then the guards forced Yin to write a statement renouncing her practice by threatening to arrest her mother (also a Dafa practitioner). On the fourth day, Yin wrote the so-called "guarantee to stop practicing" in order to not jeopardize her mother. To keep others from seeing her bruises, the police kept her in solitary confinement. However, while passing her cell, we saw that her face was swollen and deformed. Blisters covered her face; her neck had turned purple and black. It was horrible beyond description. After one month, Yin wrote an announcement declaring that her "guarantee" was void. Because of this, her term was illegally extended by another three months, and she was kept under tighter control.

One day in July, Dafa disciple Yu Shuqing did not report for work. Officer Wang summoned her to the office, and began beating her wildly with a stainless steel umbrella handle. She eventually passed out from of the beating; however, she kept saying, "I am not a criminal, and I will not labor. Practicing 'Truth, Benevolence and Forbearance' is not wrong!" Yu thought the police's wanton torture should be stopped, so she started to run out and yelled loudly, "Officer Wang is beating people!" Several police officers brought her back. When I saw Yu, her face was swollen with bruises, and she could not eat lunch. After learning that Yu Shuqing had been beaten, Wang Yin became concerned about her and visited Yu's cell to encourage her. The guard beat Yin because of this. The guard then handcuffed her hands behind her to the top of the bunk bed, forcing her to stand fully extended.. Yin was also deprived of sleep. She went on a hunger strike to appeal. Later in September, because Yin was so determined to practice Dafa, police sent her to Heizuizi Labor Camp at Changchun. She was subjected to even crueler torture at Heizuizi. Seeing she was paralyzed, the police released her on medical parole.

Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun

1) Being forced to put a fingerprint on the "Repentance Document"

Thirty-five of us determined Dafa practitioners were sent to the Heizuizi Labor Camp on November 7, 2001. When we arrived, the vicious collaborators Wang Yaru and Zhao Shulian said to us: "If you don't give up Falun Gong, we'll shock you with an electric baton." The instructor Zhang also said that the practitioners that came from Jiutai were all very stubborn, and because they had been treated too leniently in Jiutai, they needed a good beating. Here, these determined practitioners were forced to put their fingerprints on a "Repentance Document." Four or five collaborators would gang up on each practitioner, grab them by the waist, legs and head, then take their hands, and press their fingers on the letter. After all this the practitioners' hands were swollen and bruised. They were not allowed to sleep until 2 o'clock in the morning, and had to get up at 5 o'clock to undergo more brainwashing.

2) Being Put on the "Bed for the dead"

Dafa practitioner Chen Hongyu was a university student at age 30. Because she resisted the forced repentance, they started to torture her on the second day we were there. When we had just gone to sleep, we were awakened by noises of beating and cursing. Because she refused to give up Falun Gong, she was shocked with an electric baton and beaten with a leather belt. (A special belt: 5cm wide, 50cm in length and 1/2cm thick). She was then tied onto "The bed for the dead" with two hands cuffed overhead to the bed-posts on each side, and two feet fastened spread-eagled to the bed-posts on each side. For a detailed description of this and other tortures used in China's detention centers and labor camps, see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html

On the fourth day, when the evil asked her to write a letter giving up Falun Gong, she resolutely refused, so, she was again put on "The bed for the dead" and put in a cell among criminals. She was relentlessly tortured for seven days and nights, physically and mentally. Still she maintained her righteous faith in Falun Dafa. When she was sent back to us, she looked much thinner, with rust stain from the wire of the "bed for the dead" on her clothes. The 6th brigade's leaders, Zhu and Li and several instructors have tortured Dafa practitioners cruelly with electric batons, leather belts, "The bed for the dead," not to mention punches and kicks. The other Dafa practitioners being tortured were: Gao Zhimin, Qu Runzhi, Wang Xinshan, Yu Shuqing, Lu Jianjie and Li Yanhua etc.

3) Teenage Dafa Practitioner Was Tortured in the Labor Camp.

A 16-year-old girl named Shang Siling was a student in Yanbian University. She and her mother were illegally sent to the forced labor camp for one year because they both were determined Dafa cultivators. This 16 year-old-girl was shocked with an electric baton, beaten viciously with a leather belt and put on the "bed for the dead" for 17 days. Only after she went on a hunger strike would they let her down. Now she cannot straighten her back when she walks, nor lift her head up. When I saw her, she had been in the labor camp for just a month, yet had been beaten to such a terrible condition. Every time I saw that girl, I couldn't hold back my tears.

4) Brutal torture

Female Dafa practitioners in Jilin Province normally are sent to the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp. According to regulations, anyone with a serious illness should be sent out for treatment. But Heizuizi Labor Camp ignored the regulation, and continued to receive Dafa practitioners who had been tortured to a precarious condition in other places. Thus, many more Dafa practitioners were arrested from different counties.

In the 3rd division of the 6th brigade, there was a Dafa practitioner named Lei Yanping, whose home was in Changchun. Because she printed Dafa materials, she was kidnapped by a vicious criminal-investigation police task force in Changchun City. They tortured her by putting her onto a "tiger bench," with two hands cuffed above her head, and two feet fastened widely apart by iron pegs. Then they put bullets in between her fingers and squeezed her fingers together hard until they bled and raw flesh was exposed. The vicious police proceeded to rub her fingers back and forth. When the bare bones were rubbed, it was excruciatingly painful.

At the same time, the evil police used electric batons to shock her all over. When she passed out, they poured cold water on her to wake her up. When she woke up, they repeated the whole process. The torture lasted 27 hours. She was barely able to breathe. Her body was bruised all over, and not an inch was spared. Then, when she was sent to a Changchun detention center and they tried to search her body, they couldn't remove her clothes, as they were saturated with blood. Later Lei Yanping was carried to Heizuizi Labor Camp. Although she was on the brink of death, Heizuizi Labor Camp still accepted her. Not only that, they also continued to torture and brainwash her without regard to the fact that she was dying. In December 2001, the Heizuizi Labor Camp again took in many Dafa practitioners who were too sick to be there. Furthermore, they beat them up and forced them into brainwashing classes and hard physical labor.

5). A Secret Room for Cruel Torture

Next to our division, there was a storage room. It was actually a secret room for torture equipped with a "bed for the dead" and other torture instruments. One day, practitioner Zhou again started a hunger strike, and she refused to sign her name. She was then beaten by the 2nd team instructor Zhang (who was actually the instructor for the real criminals.) The beating lasted for a long time with very loud banging noises, and stopped only when the instructor Zhang became very tired and couldn't catch his breath.

Later, Zhang came to our workplace with a shining sword and said: "Those of you who have given up Falun Gong need not be afraid, I only beat those who refuse to give up." Then he waved the sword at us before he left. The vicious police used this old-fashioned sword to beat Dafa practitioners; it was extremely painful. In this secret room, countless Dafa practitioners were tortured.