Recently there are many discussions and reports overseas that are against the implementation of Article 23 of the Basic Law in Hong Kong. A couple of days ago I suddenly realized that here comes another test to Dafa disciples as a whole: if we have any omission in facing the test of Article 23, that could be exploited by the old forces to impede Fa-rectification process. For example, if a large percentage of Dafa disciples are attached to the idea that everyday people could do something to assist the Fa-rectification, and look forward to everyday people making the decision that would benefit the Fa-rectification, then the old forces would certainly manipulate everyday people to do things against Fa-rectification. There are already many lessons in this respect. This time we must be rational and clear on Fa principles and pass this test with strong righteous thoughts of Dafa disciples.

No matter what happens in the human world, we should continue to clarify the truth to everyday people deeply and extensively, using every opportunity, and not to be disturbed by the mentality of everyday people. We could also use Article 23 to clarify the truth and expose the evil. For example, we could expose the ill intention of Jiang and Luo Gan, and their followers in Hong Kong who have been trying their best to implement Article 23. We can let people know how they have been persecuting Falun Gong and Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong behind the scenes, and how Article 23 could be used to accelerate the persecution of human rights and people's belief. Falun Gong practitioners all over the world should use this opportunity to clarify the truth to the government of each country, the organizations, and people about how Jiang and Luo's group have been breaking and abusing the law to brutally persecute tens of millions of Chinese people who practice "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" in the past 3 years. We can help people see through the evil nature of Jiang and Luo's group of political scoundrels.

We support the expositions and explanations of the nature of Article 23 by different organizations and people, but we should not be attached to the effort of any organization, or the results of some action in the human world, because Dafa disciples' minds must be based on validating Dafa and saving people, not the human mentality. Only Dafa disciples can help Teacher. It is Dafa disciples all over the world that can play the critical role and influence the whole situation in the Fa-rectification process, not the people that need salvation. The results of Dafa disciples' sending forth righteous thoughts firmly as a whole and exposing the truth to the public are the direct and decisive factors that impact the Fa-rectification situation.

The above are my understandings at my current level. If there are any inadequacies, please point them out.